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I’m all about making things! I think gifts from the heart are extra special and rare in this world.

I know not everyone is a crafter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make something super special and meaningful for the people you care about most.

20 Unique Heartfelt Gift Ideas

When you receive a heartfelt gift, doesn’t it just hit you in the most wonderful way?

Isn’t it the best feeling to know someone took the time to prepare a special gift for you?

Doesn’t it just echo the ways God does special things for us to show us His love?

20 Unique Heartfelt Gift Ideas

And that’s the beauty of a great heartfelt gift! It is a way that we can participate in loving like God.

And every time I make a heartfelt gift, I pray as I put it together. I intentionally celebrate the person who will receive the gift and ask God to bless them through the gift I’ve made.

20 Unique Heartfelt Gift Ideas

So this Christmas season, why not pick someone in your life and give them an amazing heartfelt gift? In order to help you, we put together a list of 20 unique and creative ways you can give a heartfelt gift.

Most of these ideas do not require you to be “crafty.” Seriously, just about ANYONE can make these! And after the list, we’ve provided you a great worksheet to help you find and implement the perfect gift for someone in your life!

Below are 20 great ideas for really special and heartfelt gifts any Christian would love.

20 Great Heartfelt Christian Gift Ideas

20 Unique Heartfelt Gift Ideas

1.  A handwritten prayer you write from the heart.

2. An old photo of the two of you, combined with a special message from you about the memory.

3. A Bible with your favorite verses pre-highlighted before you gift it.

20 Unique Heartfelt Gift Ideas

4. Do you have a recipe your special person loves? Why not surprise them with the dish!

5. Make a playlist of your favorite worship songs, or if you go to the same church, a playlist of your church’s most played songs.

20 Unique Heartfelt Gift Ideas

6. Take note of any items you own that the person you have in mind has complimented you on. Grab them one of their own and remind them that you took note when they mentioned it before.

7. Make a Scripture deck. Click here are detailed instructions on how to make one.

Scripture Memorization | Bible Verse Flash Cards | Bible Verse Gift Idea

8. Find a gift that will remind the receiver about where they are from.

9. Buy them a daily devotional.

20 Unique Heartfelt Gift Ideas

10. Pick out a great Christian t-shirt.

11. Buy them a Christian book and offer to read it with them.

12. Make a prayer box.

13. Pray for them for 30 days and let them know you have been in prayer for them all month.

14. Buy them a new planner or notebook and add Scripture to important days of the year.

20 Unique Heartfelt Gift Ideas

15. Get tickets for each of you to go to a Christian concert.

16. Any craft can be made more special with prayer. As you make the gift, pray over it. Here’s a post I wrote all about this idea.

17. Buy them a piece of personalized jewelry. Etsy has a lot of fairly priced hand stamped jewelry. You could also add encouraging message or a Scripture.

20 Unique Heartfelt Gift Ideas

18. Write them a letter and share your feelings about them. Tell them why you love and appreciate them.

19. Make a video of friends and family sharing a message about why they love the person.

20. Pick up a coffee shop gift card and plan to have a Bible study or prayer session together over coffee.

We hope that at least one of these ideas spurred on some thoughts about giving a great perfect gift.

For more help, make sure to grab our free worksheet to help you plan the perfect gift!

Click the button below to download your free copy!

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Again, we have a fantastic Christmas Challenge, that is completely free. You get a free downloadable guidebook filled with daily scripture, reflection questions, prayer prompts and a daily Christmas joy challenge. All of this was created to help you focus on Jesus and spreading His joy and light into the world every day of December. Join the thousands of others taking the Challenge.

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