The Forevergreen Membership Plan: Designed To Instill Unshakable Faith

Do You Want To…

✓ Stand unshakable in your faith, no matter what life throws at you?

✓ Move past the barriers keeping you from experiencing life to the fullest in the way God intends for you?

✓ Be the woman others look to for spiritual guidance and stability, regardless of circumstances.

✓ Have a plan for spiritual development that goes beyond what you’re already trying, and is intended to lead you somewhere new in your faith? 

Imagine what it would feel like if all of those desires came true?

You’d be able to step into any situation confident that God is with you, protecting and loving you! You’d stop feeling as though each day is a constant struggle to simply survive, and instead start seeing the movement of God all around you. You’d become the kind of person who others look to, curious about why you’re different and thriving. You’d be better able to lift up family and friends who depend on you. Most importantly, you’d stop believing all the lies the world says about you, and start living in the reality of the loving truth of how God sees you – as His child.

Having that kind of unshakable faith might seem like a pipe dream, because you’ve taken so many steps in your journey with Jesus and have never felt that way yet. Maybe you  wonder if that kind of faith actually exists, or wonder if a close relationship with God, and all the fruit that come from it, is only reserved for a few “special Christians” that just seem to have endless confidence in God’s love for them. You’ve worshiped in church, you’ve attended groups, retreats, concerts and classes, you’ve established prayer and Bible study in your life, and still…you feel like there’s more to this walk with Jesus than you’ve yet found.

I know deep down in your heart you long to be strong in your faith, and know that God has much more in store for His relationship with you. But you just aren’t sure what you should do or how to get there.

There IS a way to grow unshakable faith in your life and build a deeper connection with God.

And it isn’t a mystery or secret, but you do need intentionality and a plan to become the Jesus follower you know you’re destined to be.

The Forevergreen Membership Is A Plan For Growing Unshakable Faith

Meet The Creator Of The Forevergreen Membership Plan –  Alexis Waid, M.A.

Hi! I’m a practical theologian. I teach people how to take their beliefs and use them to make a real difference in their everyday life.

I’m a graduate of Denver Seminary, where I earned my Master’s degree. I’ve served professionally in the church since I was 21 years old. And I’ve led tens of thousands in their journey to create a deeper connection with Jesus.  

But more importantly, I believe with ALL of my heart that Jesus is the most important thing in the universe, and God wants a deep, personal relationship with each and everyone of us. 

I have created this membership alongside my husband, Aaron who also holds a Master’s degree from Denver Seminary and has a career in professional ministry too. 

Since 2016, millions of people have read our writings on this website, or participated in one of our monthly Challenges. But nothing we’ve created in the past compares to both the depth and usability of the Forevergreen Membership Plan.

The Forevergreen Membership Is A Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Plan For Growing Unshakable Faith. 

What I’m talking about is more than a few inspiring thoughts and musings about Scripture. The Forevergreen Membership has everything you need to build a close daily connection with God while confronting each week and month the biggest obstacles keeping you from the life and faith you’re longing for. It’s called Forevergreen because this plan has been specifically created to build in you a faith that doesn’t wither or shrink, but stands strong no matter what.


Jeremiah 17:7-8 CEB

“Blessed is the woman who trusts in God,
    and whose confidence is in God.
For she will be as a tree planted by the waters,
    who spreads out its roots by the river,
and will not fear when heat comes,
    but its leaf will be green,
and will not be concerned in the year of drought.
    It won’t cease from yielding fruit.”


Could you imagine having faith like that, the faith that doesn’t wither or fall when the storms of life hit. A faith that is exemplary to your family, friends, and to the world. A faith that has the deepest and strongest roots. 


That kind of faith is built with intentionality and discipline for this type of faith doesn’t happen by chance. For faith like that develops with a plan and a plan is what we created for you!

What You’ll Get Each Month With Your Membership

The Forevergreen Planner: Organize Your Life, Grow Your Faith 


The Forevergreen Planner is the centerpiece of the membership. Daily Scripture to focus on with prayer prompts. Bible-based original devotions to encourage and help you dwell in God’s truth. There is always a reflection question and a prayer prompt to help you process everything. We also added a daily truth to each planner sheet to help you leave your planning session with a powerful reminder of God’s truth for you that day. Plus, it’s a customizable planner, so you’ll want to use it every day. 

We designed the Forevergreen Planner to be a hub for your personal discipleship and a place to organize your life and faith.

We’ll release a new planner each month situated around an issue every Christian faces. We never pick obscure or irrelevant discipleship topics but focus on key issues like Identity In Christ, Overcoming Fear, Learning To Walk In God’s Strength and many more. In addition, there will be three versions released to our members: a planner that is dated for the upcoming month, a planner with blank dates so you can use it anytime, and a bullet journal style planner. 

Monthly Bible Study, Broken Down Into Easy To Process Weekly Segments

To help you go deeper, you’ll receive each month an original Bible study focused on the theme. Each Bible study is broken down into four parts, delivered weekly in easy-to-process format. While the Forevergreen Planner provides daily encouragement, the Bible study exists to give you the weekly boost and accountability you need to stay on track. 

We’re also including each month a self-assessment workbook to help you test and evaluate yourself around each theme. 

Loads Of New Resources Each Month To Keep You Focused


You’ll also receive each month a bundle of resources to help you process your journey. PDF Stationery for sermon notes, prayer lists, Bible study notes, stickers, and lock screen graphics for your phone. You’ll find tons of unique ways to incorporate these materials into your Forevergreen Planner and daily routine.

Worship Music Playlist Centered On The Month’s Theme

Worship is an important part of our spiritual growth, and we’ll provide you the song ideas for an hour-long playlist that reinforces each month’s theme.

No Matter When You Join You Can Begin The Journey Toward Unshakable Faith Anytime With These Sign On Bonuses!

We want you to see success in your quest to develop your connection to God. That’s why we created tons of bonus resources to help you get started on a lifetime of stronger faith. We’ve included our new E-Book, “How To Build Unshakable Faith” to teach you the most important elements for building your spiritual foundation. There’s also a Growth Goals and Christian Self-Assessment to help you honestly evaluate where you are, where you’d like to grow, and where you’d like to see God lead you. 

 We’ve also included a beautifully laid-out 10-Day “Unshakable Faith Devotional” E-book, that you can use anytime.

Even if you don’t start your membership at the beginning of the month, we want you to have plenty of resources to work on so you can begin building the strong faith connection anytime.

Customizable Planner Sheets

It’s your planner – we want it to fit your needs. That’s why we’ve created To-Do lists and weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar inserts to help you customize the Forevergreen Planner to fit your needs. We want it to fit your life while keeping you focused on your faith. The more you use the Forevergreen Planner, the more you’ll find yourself focusing on your connection to God. Make the Forevergreen Planner work for you, and we know you’ll find more space for God along the way.


Each Month You’ll Receive (valued at $35.99 a month)

  • Monthly PDF Christian Planner with Daily Scripture, Devotions, Reflection Questions, Prayer Prompts, & Space To Plan Your Day With God
  • 4 Week Bible Study & Workbook
  • Monthly Assessment & Workbook To Help Prime and Process Month’s Theme
  • Monthly Worship Music Playlist On Theme
  • Monthly Printable Stickers 
  • Monthly Theme Cell Phone Lock Screens
  • Monthly Theme Printable For Home Decor
  • Seasonal Stationery Including: Sermon Notes, Prayer Requests, Notes, Scripture Writing Sheets, & Bible Study Notes

Plus Sign Up Bonuses (valued at $50.00-totally free when you sign up)

  • How To Have Unshakable Faith E-book
  • Unshakable Faith 10 Day Devotional E-book
  • 25 Prayer Prompts For Unshakable Faith
  • Growth Goals and Christian Self-Assessment
  • Printable Christian Planner Sticker
  • Assortment of Planner Sheets: To Do List, Weekly Format, Monthly Format, & Year Format.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is The Membership Different Than Free Spiritually Hungry Challenges?

Our Monthly free Challenges use the same Scripture as the Membership, and provide you some structure to follow, but that’s where the similarities end. The free Challenges are self-guided “lite” versions, where as the Forevergreen Membership is a comprehensive exploration on the most important topics for building strong faith. If you have used our free Challenges in the past, then we’re confident you’ll love Forevergreen and find even more depth and value in it.

How Can I Learn More About The Specific Components Included In The Forevergreen Membership

Click here to read a PDF document that outlines the specific elements of the membership in more detail.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes, you are able to opt out at any time.

Are There Refunds?

Since this is a digital item are no refunds, because there is no way to return the product. You are able to cancel anytime though. 

Does The Forevergreen Membership Plan Fit With The Teachings Of My Church?

We created this plan to fit Christians of all denomination and tradition backgrounds. As theologians, we’re very aware of the nuances and differences among Christian traditions, and intentionally avoid issues where Christians denominations disagree, because we believe that we all have far more in common as followers of Jesus than we disagree about. We focus on core issues of faith and Christian spirituality that apply to all Christians. Our plan is 100% Bible-based, incorporating teaching from the Old and New Testament, and we affirm the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures by God.

I hope you join this amazing and life-changing membership! With all of my heart, I believe that our relationship with God can only grow deeper and stronger the more we attend to it. Through a stronger relationship with God, we become stronger people and better people. We become people who are filled with joy, love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. 

Our Jesus – the One we follow – has so much to offer us, but too many Christian don’t know how to tap into that reality. Jesus came to give us life and life to the fullest filled with the Fruit of the Spirit. A life where we are stable, strong, and unshaken by anything we face…because we know we are the Lord’s and He is ours. 

We live in a hidden reality, a kingdom that isn’t seen by many, but is a sanctuary in this often harsh world. 

I created this membership because I wanted to offer you insightful ways to see how Jesus wants more for you. This is a modern discipleship plan for the modern woman of 2020. 

The Forevergreen Membership is the result of my journey with Christ, with my career in ministry, and my training at Denver Seminary. My life has been leading up to this point and I hope you join me in this new ministr because I believe God has something amazing in store for you!