Created by a woman for women, I have poured my years of professional church ministry and my theological training at Denver Seminary into this new discipleship tool. I created Forevergreen to fit your life and schedule while helping you grow closer to God. Everything in the Forevergreen plan is intentional, with Biblical roots and purpose. And if you follow this plan, your relationship with Christ will grow and your life will begin to change. What’s great about this plan is that for both seasoned Christian and the new believers. It meets you where you are and challenges you to take small steps forward every single day. The repeated motion of taking small steps each day enables us to look back over time and see how far we have come.

The Forevergreen Membership Is A Plan For Women Who Want Their Faith To Grow Every Day

Here’s what you get every month in your Forevergreen Membership:

The current month’s Christian PDF planner, which has a unique worksheet for each day that is comprised of: 

  • Daily Scripture
  • Daily Devotions
  • Daily Reflection Question
  • Daily Prayer Prompt
  • A place to plan out your day
  • Daily Truth For The Day- A way to wrap up the whole worksheet and carry you off standing strong in God’s truth and love for you for that day!

Here is a sample of what the digital planner looks like and a sample of one of the planner sheets.

Sample day one of the planner

Additionally, the planner comes in three formats to suit your preferences:

  1. Current Dates
  2. Blank Dates
  3. Bullet Journal Style

The Forevergreen Plan Is Also Available In Daily Email Format:

If printing out or using a digital planner isn’t really your thing, you can opt-in for the daily email format (starting October 1st) where we will send you the content to your email box every day. I want Forevergreen to meet you where you’re at and suit your lifestyle, because I believe and have been witness to, how transformative this product is for Christian women.

Each day with Forevergreen only takes a few minutes to complete, but the value is invaluable.

It’s a primer for your day. A way to plan your day with God that guides you to deeper faith. You will not find another planner like this anywhere. It is truly one of a kind.

Monthly Bible Study And Tons Of Extras Included:

And not only do you get a monthly Christian planner, but the membership also includes a Bible study to take you deeper into the topic for the month. The Bible study is released the second Saturday of the month and is designed to further guide you on your journey with Jesus.

Plus lots of bonuses that you can use to enhance your quiet time:

  • Monthly 60-minute worship playlist
  • Deeper reflection questions for further study (you can find them in the beginning and end of the planner for each month)
  • Phone lock screens on the month’s theme to help you remember to walk in that truth
  • Home decor monthly printables to help you remember the current month’s theme
  • And additional planner sheets that include: Sermon Notes, Prayer Requests, Scripture Writing Sheet, Blank Notes, and Bible Study Templates.

The Forevergreen Membership Is A Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Plan For Growing Unshakable Faith.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is The Membership Different Than Free Spiritually Hungry Challenges?
Our Monthly free Challenges use the same Scripture as the Membership, and provide you some structure to follow, but that’s where the similarities end. The free Challenges are self-guided “lite” versions, where as the Forevergreen Membership is a comprehensive exploration on the most important topics for building strong faith. If you have used our free Challenges in the past, then we’re confident you’ll love Forevergreen and find even more depth and value in it.
Can I Cancel Anytime?
Yes, you are able to opt out at any time.
Are There Refunds?
Since this is a digital item are no refunds, because there is no way to return the product. You are able to cancel anytime though.
Does The Forevergreen Membership Plan Fit With The Teachings Of My Church?
We created this plan to fit Christians of all denomination and tradition backgrounds. As theologians, we’re very aware of the nuances and differences among Christian traditions, and intentionally avoid issues where Christians denominations disagree, because we believe that we all have far more in common as followers of Jesus than we disagree about. We focus on core issues of faith and Christian spirituality that apply to all Christians. Our plan is 100% Bible-based, incorporating teaching from the Old and New Testament, and we affirm the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures by God.
I hope you join this amazing and life-changing membership! With all of my heart, I believe that our relationship with God can only grow deeper and stronger the more we attend to it. Through a stronger relationship with God, we become stronger people and better people. We become people who are filled with joy, love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.

Our Jesus – the One we follow – has so much to offer us, but too many Christian don’t know how to tap into that reality. Jesus came to give us life and life to the fullest filled with the Fruit of the Spirit. A life where we are stable, strong, and unshaken by anything we face…because we know we are the Lord’s and He is ours.

We live in a hidden reality, a kingdom that isn’t seen by many, but is a sanctuary in this often harsh world.

I created this membership because I wanted to offer you insightful ways to see how Jesus wants more for you. This is a modern discipleship plan for the modern woman of 2020.

The Forevergreen Membership is the result of my journey with Christ, with my career in ministry, and my training at Denver Seminary. My life has been leading up to this point and I hope you join me in this new ministr because I believe God has something amazing in store for you!