Meet Alexis


Alexis has a M.A. in Christian Studies from Denver Seminary, where her studies emphasized spiritual formation and theology. She also holds a B.S. from Colorado Christian University in Organizational Management. Her interests include a wide array of creative arts, including sewing, jewelry making, and artistic letter writing. Her favorite musical artists are David Crowder and All Sons and Daughters. She is originally from Pittsburgh, PA. Alexis currently lives in Melbourne, Florida but has lived in South Carolina, Colorado, Michigan, West Virginia, and North Carolina in her ministry endeavors.

Alexis began ministry at age 16 when she helped found a retreat at her high school, which is still held annually. That experience helped her to find her calling, and she has been serving God in ministry ever since.

At 21, she entered professional ministry as a youth minister. Having a heart for teens and their unique place in life, Alexis wanted to share with youth the truth and love of God. Youth will always hold a very special place in Alexis’ heart.

Sensing a call from God to pursue academic studies, Alexis set out in her mid/late twenties to finish her undergraduate degree and to study theology and ministry at the graduate level. One of greatest gifts she ever received was her seminarian education, which opened a whole new world of understanding God and deepened her relationship with Him and her ministry to others.

Her relationship with God is the utmost important thing in her life, and among her greatest joys is helping people experience God in new, creative and exciting ways. She loves learning about God and experience all of His goodness and love He has for her and this world. From that relationship, stems everything else that’s important to her, such as family, friends, ministry, hobbies, work, enjoyment, and rest.

Alexis wants her ministry to be defined by the love and power of Jesus Christ. She believes deeply in the truth and reality of Jesus and how that brings healing and depth to people’s lives.