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What Is Spiritually Hungry?

Simply put – we believe there are many, many, many ways to connect with God! We want to help you grow in your faith in a way that fits you, with ideas that are creative, exciting and fun – because we believe our God is all of those things!

What Do You Need For Your Journey?

Christian Challenges | Relationship With Jesus | Daily Spiritual Practices

A Challenge?

Looking to grow your relationships a little bit each day? Why not take a free Christian Challenge? We have a lot of goodies to choose from!

Christian Challenges

At Home Retreats | Finding Rest In God | Christian Relaxation

Need Prayers?

We have A LOT of short prayers that cover a ton of topics, anywhere from prayers for family to prayers for strength

It’s Time To Pray

Workshops | Change With Jesus | Overcoming Problems


We have a huge batch of Christian resources to help you grow closer to God in unique, powerful, and meaningful ways.

Christian Resources

What We Do At Spiritually Hungry

At Spiritually Hungry, our passion is to help you connect with Jesus in the midst of your ordinary, everyday and often busy life.

Connecting With God
Understanding Your Faith
Making Space For God In Your Life
Caring For Your Soul
Fresh Expressions Of Faith

Our Miracle Story

Daily Discipleship and Monthly Bible Studies


If you are a woman who wants to take her faith, her relationship with God to the next level then this membership is for you!