Our Mission

Welcome to Spiritually Hungry!

Do you want more of the powerful, life changing relationship God is offering us?

Have you prayed the same prayers, memorized the same verses, had the same conversation about faith over and over with friends – and you realize that you need and want more?

Are you frustrated with your prayer life, bored by your church life, confused and uninspired by Scripture studies?

Do you have tremendous faith and belief, but simply aren’t sure what to do with it?

Maybe you’ve been on mission trips, served diligently in church and community, and are simply looking for a different means of experiencing the infinitely creative and present God.

Maybe you’ve been hurt by other Christians and aren’t sure how to separate the feeling of rejection by others from the persistent calling to intimacy with God you struggle with everyday.

Or maybe you aren’t really connected with any other Jesus Followers in your life, and are hoping to find some new thoughts and perspectives outside of your own personal study and life. Or maybe you’re not sure where you are in your journey with Christ, or even sure what that journey really looks like.

We started this site because at one point or another in our lives, between the two of us, we have been all of these things.

Our names are Alexis and Aaron Waid. We’re married, 8 years now, to be exact. We attended seminary together, where we both studied Christian theology, leadership, and spiritual formation and earned Master’s degrees. We’ve both served in churches over the years in various capacities. Most recently, we have undertaken the adventure of welcoming a little baby boy, Rhett, into the world. We’ve been a lot of places, had a lot of conversations, experienced many things.

We understand the desire to know God better, despite circumstances in life that seem to be trying to erode, stale and debilitate our faith.

We created Spiritually Hungry for anyone who feels a deep longing to know God better and to feel the endless love of Jesus.

We hope that your time here leads you to finding warmth, truth and most importantly love of Christ. Our site is dedicated to our calling God has put upon on hearts, which is to share the truth and love of His work in our lives. We hope you find a home here with us as we journey together as God’s beloved creation, growing closer to Jesus.

So welcome, and take your time to explore our site. We sincerely hope you find a place here with us.

In Christ’s Love,

Alexis & Aaron