Understanding The Fruit Of The Spirit

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Fruit Of The Spirit Bible Study

Fruit Of The Spirit Unpacked This post was originally created for Spiritually Hungry’s Fall Challenge: Unshakable Faith. You can sign up for free here.  The Fruit of the Spirit as found in Galatians 5:22-23 is one of the most commonly talked about passages in Christian discipleship, but do you really understand what these nine fruit really mean, and how they actually … Read More

21 Short Prayers For Trusting God

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Short Prayers For Trusting God

Prayers For Trusting God We originally created these prayers for trusting God as an additional resource for our Free Fall Challenge. If you are interested in growing closer to God and having unshakable faith, then this Challenge is for you! We hope you sign up right now; it could change everything for you – Spiritually Hungry’s Unshakable Faith Fall Challenge. Trust in … Read More

How Well Do You Trust God Quiz

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How Well Do You Trust God

How well do you trust God? Seriously, how well do you trust God? We created this assessment to help you think through your actions as they reveal your level of trust in God. This resource was originally created for our Unshakable Faith Challenge, if you are interested in joining for free, click here for Spiritually Hungry’s Unshakable Faith Challenge.  Are … Read More

Prayer For Healing | 22 Short Prayers

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Prayer For Healing

Prayer For Healing Before we start, we have another resource to go along with prayer for healing that you might find helpful, 20 Bible Verses For Healing. You don’t want to miss that article and it also has beautiful Scripture graphics, you can find the article here. This prayer for healing post was especially emotional for me. Anytime I’m working … Read More

20 Bible Verses For Healing With Graphics

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Bible Verses For Healing

Bible Verses For Healing Be sure to check out our other post that’s related to this post on Bible verses for healing, Prayer for healing-22 short prayers. This could be really helpful for you! The following Bible verses for healing were inspired by the epic journey I found myself on during the summer of 2017, when I found out my unborn … Read More

Prayer For Teachers – 21 Short Prayers To Say

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Prayer For Teachers

Prayer For Teachers Who doesn’t need prayer? We all need prayer, especially teachers. Prayer for teachers is essential as it helps equip and prepare you for your very important role in life. You are literally shaping the future generation and that is a lot of responsibility. Your job is very rewarding, but it also is depleting. To help you more … Read More

20 Bible Verses For Teachers With Graphics

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Bible Verses For Teachers

Bible Verses For Teachers Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you are a teacher, we thank you! Teachers have served a very important role in both of our lives and helped shape and mold us into the people we are today. Your job is very serious – you are literally forming the next generation! Teachers, what you teach your … Read More

10 Lunch Prayers For Kids With Free Printable

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Lunch Prayers

Lunch Prayers With the school year starting right around the corner, we decided that it would be great to provide you with some lunch prayers and encouragement for your kids. This is a super simple post because the lunch prayers and BONUS affirmations are all in the free downloadable. Here’s what the PDF holds: You have an option to download … Read More

How To Let Go And Let God – 8 Steps

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Let Go And Let God

Let Go And Let God I first heard the phrase “Let go and let God,” when I was on a high school retreat over half a lifetime ago. It was a trendy phrase at the time, along with the then new fad WWJD (what would Jesus do) bracelets of the 90’s.  But something grabbed hold of me when I heard … Read More

A Weight Loss Prayer

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Weight Loss Prayer

A Weight Loss Prayer I wanted to create a weight loss prayer to serve as your daily prayer or as a prayer to start or restart your diet. Let’s face it – losing weight is hard! It forces us to say no to the things we want, like the cake or potato chips. Weight loss is a discipline and it … Read More