25 Christian Love Songs About The Love Of God

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Christian Love Songs About God's Love

To go along with our Reckless Love Of God Challenge, we have put together all the music that accompanies the challenge. These are 25 great Christian love songs that speak to God’s immense love for us. If you are interested in signing up for this free 28-day Challenge, click here for more information. So lets just get right to it … Read More

The Reckless Love Of God Challenge

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The Reckless Love of God Challenge

One of the most popular Christian worship songs right now is Cory Asbury’s “Reckless Love.” “Reckless Love” took 2018 by storm and it will continue to be played for many days ahead. Why? Because the song is a shockingly accurate description of God’s love for us. “Reckless Love” describes God in a way many Christians don’t typically speak of God. … Read More

20 Great Heartfelt Christian Gift Ideas

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20 Unique Heartfelt Gift Ideas

I’m all about making things! I think gifts from the heart are extra special and rare in this world. I know not everyone is a crafter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make something super special and meaningful for the people you care about most. When you receive a heartfelt gift, doesn’t it just hit you in the most wonderful … Read More

Gratitude Quiz | How Thankful Are You?

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Gratitude Quiz

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with it comes the time of year where reflection on how much we’ve been given comes into focus. Thankfulness helps us see beyond ourselves and recognize the wonderful gifts that God and others have given us. A grateful heart can turn any situation, no matter how difficult, into an opportunity to focus instead … Read More

15 Christmas Verses For Cards

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Christmas Verses For Cards

Christmas verses for cards is one of the best ways to make your holiday correspondence unique, special, and focused on Christ. There are so many beautiful passages in the Bible that point to the true meaning of Christmas. Whether you’re making cards this year, or simply writing a meaningful and encouraging message to a loved one, this we put together … Read More

Gratitude Journal

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Gratitude Journal

With Thanksgiving approaching, we decided to provide another free resource for you – a gratitude journal. But before we get into that, do you know that we have an awesome free 30 Day Thanksgiving Challenge?  You can just grab this gratitude journal at the bottom of this post if you’d like, but if you want to get the most out … Read More

How To Practice The Presence Of God: Insights From Brother Lawrence

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Practicing The Presence Of God

Practicing The Presence Of God | Brother Lawrence Practicing the Presence of God is a spiritual exercise that challenges us to remain focused on God during an everyday task or chore. Long associated with Brother Lawrence, a monk who wrote about his experiences with Practicing the Presence, it is a spiritual approach to life that asks us to break down … Read More

Psalm 23 Meaning – Exploring The Passion Translation (TPT)

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Psalm 23 Meaning

Psalm 23 Meaning- Exploring The Passion Translation – TPT I undertook an excursion in Scripture recently to dive deeper into Psalm 23’s meaning based ┬áThe Passion Translation. In this post, I’d like to walk you through Psalm 23’s meaning and hopefully encourage you to find new ways to apply this profound chapter to your life. I was inspired to write … Read More

A Meaningful Thanksgiving Activity

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Thanksgiving Activity

Thanksgiving is a lot of work, right? The meal takes hours to prepare, and many guests have to travel hours to be together with friends and family. The highlight of the day is the meal – and since it’s Thanksgiving, that’s when tradition dictates everyone share something they are thankful for this year. So what tends to happen at Thanksgiving … Read More