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Can you do it? Read a piece of Scripture each day of 2022?

Hi, I’m Alexis Waid, the creator of the yearly Scripture reading/writing yearly challenges on I am a trained practical theologian and a professional minister. I have been working in the Church since 2004. My heart is on fire for the Lord and my calling in life is to help people find their fullness in Christ, as described in John 10:10.

So many of us miss out on the richness of the Gospel because we are preoccupied with our problems and the pressures of life. God indeed can help us through any problems, but we must daily tether ourselves to Him. That’s why this challenge will help you achieve taking daily steps closer to God. Actually, the challenge is just a morsel of my monthly membership Forevergreen, which gives you just what you need to hear every single day to build firm and unshakable faith so you can face anything in and through the Lord.

Forevergreen is designed to take your relationship with God to the next level, where ever you may be. In Forevergreen, I also provide daily Scripture (which is the only thing given in the free Challenge) as well as a devotion, reflection question, prayer prompt, and daily truth. There are several formats of Forevergreen you can choose from, including daily emails or a digital planner in a few different layouts.

If you want to check out Forevergreen, go ahead and sign up for the challenge and there will be a sample planner sheet in the free pdf packet for you to get a taste of what it’s all about.

As for the 2022 Scripture Challenge, each month will have a theme that Scripture is organized around and you truly will not find another Scripture challenge like ours. We are not providing you a concordance, which is every mention of a topic Scripture covers whether it’s relevant or not. Instead, these lists are crafted by my husband and I, who are both seminary graduates and career ministry professionals. The Scripture lists we put together are purposeful and will be relevant to the theme. Although it should be noted, the Scripture doesn’t have any supporting direction, and sometimes will not fully make sense, apart from the Forevergreen daily content, but that is not often.

In the 2022 Scripture Challenge, you will receive a PDF packet with:

  • Monthly Scripture Plan
  • A couple of reflection questions and prayer prompts for the month
  • Scripture writing card template
  • A sample sheet of the daily Forevergreen planner

So if you are ready to make a commitment to your relationship with God, sign up for the free 2022 Scripture Challenge and receive your materials today.

One final note, we do not issue past months, if you miss a month there will be no access to it unless you are a Patreon supporter. That’s where all of our past months are available.

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