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Split The Difference is a must-know, need-to-have game in your activity arsenal! This game requires no preparation, no materials, can be played anywhere, and is sure to lead to lots of great conversation, laughter, and fun.

Split The Difference is a game about opinions and helping teens think through their decision-making process.

The great thing about Split The Difference is that it can be used as both the main game for a meet-up or as an ice breaker to help illustrate an important idea that you are teaching. Split The Difference is also a good game to play anytime you need to fill some time, or just get everyone out of their seats and moving around a bit.

Number of Players – 4 Minimum, No Maximum

Materials Needed – None

Can Be Modified For Social Distancing

Game Instructions

Have all students line up in a straight column facing you. Then, ask a “divisive question” such as, “Oreos vs. Chocolate Chip Cookies,” or “Pizza vs. Burgers.” Then, direct those who favor one choice to the left, and those who favor the other choice to the right, so that they will then be facing one another on opposite sides of the room. Ask them to defend their decisions and debate with one another. Mix it up by thinking of hilarious questions, like “Would you rather be forced to go all day without washing your hands or have to wear the same clothing continuously for 4 days?” After a few rounds, invite a student to lead the game and come up with the questions.


You can add complexity and variety to Split The Difference by offering more than two options, directing students to corners of the room for their choices.

Split The Difference can also be used as an ice breaker before a youth lesson, particularly if you ask questions that pertain to the lesson at hand.

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