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One of the all-time best games to play with any youth group is “Would You Rather?” and we have a massive list of questions to keep the game interesting and fun! If you aren’t sure by what we mean, “Would You Rather?” is a simple game that requires no preparation or equipment, only questions that forces each person to pick between two options. A simple example would be to ask your group, “Would you rather have cake or cookies?” and have everyone divide into two camps, and perhaps even debate the options! But we’re going to give you lots and lots of interesting and fun question ideas in this list.

Bookmark this page if you play “Would You Rather?” often! It’s a great game for any youth leader to know and be ready to play as an ice breaker, a quick game for small group or Sunday School lessons, or on mission trips and retreats.

Would You Rather Questions

Would You Rather Questions For Youth Group | Youth Ministry | Teen Ministry

Food Questions

Only eat burgers but no pizza, or pizza but no burgers?

Eat only gas station shelf food for a month or have to farm, harvest, prepare, and cook every single thing you eat for a month?

Eat a giant meal once per day or have to divide all of your food up into 18 small meals (It’s all the same amount of food).

Drink only water as a beverage for a month or not be able to drink plain water at all for a month (but get hydration from other sources, milk, Gatorade, soda, etc).

Have to eat your least favorite vegetable every meal for a week, but have any other dish you want or have to eat only your favorite food for every single meal for a week?

Eat a burrito filled with cream cheese icing or a danish filled with ground beef?

Have to eat an entire head of lettuce every day or have to eat an entire pound of grilled chicken every day?

Never eat another cookie again or never eat a piece of cake again?

Be able to have anything you want to eat every meal, but you have to walk a mile to the kitchen to get it each time, or never be able to have your favorite foods but they appear instantly with no waiting?

Eat broccoli dipped in caramel sauce or an apple dipped in ranch dressing?

Never be able to eat cheese, or have to put cheese on everything, including all desserts and candy?

General Questions

Have to wear sandals all winter long in a cold climate or have to wear heavy insulated boots all summer long in a warm climate?

Have to walk everywhere you go for a month or be able to drive but every trip takes a half hour or more by car.

Have to stand for 6 hours straight or be forced to sit continuously for 6 hours straight?

Have a chair that squeaks every time you move or have to work on a computer monitor with smudges all over it?

Be able to run faster than anyone, but know that you are going to fall at least once a day or be a slower runner than everyone else, but know that you’d never get hurt doing so?

Own and be able to fly a helicopter, but you’re never able to use a car or own a great car, but you’re never able to fly anywhere the rest of your life?

Never be able to use a backpack to carry all of your stuff and have to carry it in your hands, but everything you carry only weighs a pound total, or have a sturdy backpack, but it always weighs 50lbs or more.

Own a huge, amazing house, but the bills for it take up half of your monthly money, or own a small, modest house but the monthly bills only take up 20% of your monthly funds?

Never be able to watch sports on TV, but you can go to any live game you like, or only be able to watch sports on TV but never go to a live game?

Never get more than 6 hours of sleep a night or have to stay in bed for 12 hours a day, even if you aren’t sleeping the whole time?

Have an outhouse for a bathroom, but it’s just outside of your backdoor, or have a great bathroom in your house but you have to climb to the top floor of your home every time?

Have to sleep on the floor every night for a year, or be able to sleep in a bed every night for a year, but the bed is set up in a tent?

School Questions

Have to go to school every day, including weekends, for three weeks, but then have a week off, or go to school only three days a week, but never have any long breaks?

Start school at noon, but have to stay until 8pm every day, or start school at 4am but be done by noon?

Never have any homework, but have to stay at school an hour longer every day, or have extra homework, but get out an hour early?

Take a class that requires you to give a speech in front of the entire school weekly, but you’ll always get an A, or never have to do any public speaking ever in school, but never get a grade above a B?

Never have to take a math class again or never take an English/literature class again?

Christianity/Church Questions

Be a missionary or a pastor?

Do a service project to build a house or a project to provide food to the homeless?

Only sing hymns or only sing contemporary worship songs?

Volunteer at VBS or volunteer to help serve elderly and shut-ins with their lawn care and home chores?

Memorize 10 Bible verses alone or stand up in church and read aloud the same 10 Bible verses (not from memory).

Preach a sermon or lead music in worship?

Social Media/Technology Questions

Never be able to use Instagram again or never be able to use TikTok again?

Make a post on your favorite social media platform that gets lots of views but no likes or comments or tons of likes and comments, but very few views?

Be able to use your phone anywhere you want, including class, but your phone is always the size of an iPad, or only be able to use a normal phone for only 2 hours per day.

Be a TikTok star, but one of your parents appears in every video, or be a TikTok star but you have to wear a mask completely concealing your face in every video?

Have a smartwatch that you have to wear on your ankle or have a smartwatch that you have to keep in your pocket (like a pocket watch)?

Have the most expensive phone on the planet, but you can’t text or message anyone and have to always make phone calls, or have a cracked screen, old phone that is slow, but you can text all you want?

Be forced to do all of your shopping alone and never step foot in a store, or never be able to shop online but you can visit any store you want?

Have every channel and streaming service, but your TV is only 13 inches in size, or have to pick just one streaming service, but you have a massive, state-of-the-art TV?

Historical Questions

Be the poorest person in town 50 years in the future, or the richest person in town 100 years ago?

Be able to see dinosaurs walking on Earth or be able to see what society is like in a 1000 years?

Be the first person to fly an airplane or the first person to climb Mount Everest?

Be the first person to discovery electricty or the first person to discover the cure for a serious disease?

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Questions

Would you rather own a dragon or a giant wolf?

Meet an alien or meet Sasquatch?

Have the ability to fly or have superhuman strength?

Have psychic superhero powers or be blindingly fast?

Be able to read people’s thoughts or be able to make them think what you want them to?

Be able to predict the future or be able to see into the past?

Be able to walk through walls undetected or smash through any wall, but cause a huge scene and mess?

Be able to swim underwater without breathing or fly through space without a ship?

Would You Rather Questions For Youth Group | Youth Ministry | Teen Ministry