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So what’s the number one way to make any gift spiritual?

I’ll make this short and sweet, because this is so easy that there doesn’t need much build up or explanation.

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The number one way to make any gift spiritual is to saturate it in prayer.

Everything that goes into your present: shopping, wrapping, giving – all can all be immersed in prayer.

I’ll give you a few examples:

Scenario 1: Your friend Kate has a birthday coming up and you want to give her a gift and celebrate her! So you go shopping to pick something out for Kate. Great! As you shop, you talk to God (silently, of course!) and celebrate what a wonderful creation Kate is and ask God to reveal a gift that would bring joy into Kate’s life. You just walk with God while shopping for Kate’s gift, keeping company with Him while you celebrate and pray for her.

Scenario 2: Your brother Bryan is getting married and you want to make him and his new wife, Jenny, a quilt. While thinking about marriage and the holy union it is, you turn to God and thank Him for His establishment of marriage. Meanwhile, you also lift Bryan and Jenny up in prayer. You remain in this stance as you cut the fabric, and sew it together, all the while praying that their future marriage might be bound tightly and securely in God.

Scenario 3: There’s a new baby in your life, Jacob,  and you would like to get him a gift. At the store, you pray before entering and remain in a prayerful stance as you shop. After selecting a gift, you return home to wrap it, while praying over the gift and for Jacob and his family. You focus on praying that he grows into a great man of God. You also pray for his protection and that he will do great things in the name of God.

It’s SO simple, friends, and it can be done with any and every gift you give.

You don’t even have to let anyone know that you did this (you could if you like, but it’s not necessary). The power of prayer isn’t in letting others know you’ve prayed; it’s in turning to God and entrusting Him with your hopes.

Not only are you lifting others up when you saturate a gift in prayer, but you grow closer to God through this practice. As you learn to turn to God in gift giving, you also begin learning what it looks like to seek God in other “tasks”. This will help you become more aware of His presence – and His presence is always with you.

Quick guide for making a gift spiritual

Think about the person who is getting a gift. Turn to God and speak to Him about what you like about that person. Celebrate that person with Him.

-As you go shopping for the gift, be aware of God’s presence with you. Dialogue with Him about who will receive it. Ask Him for guidance in giving a gift that will produce joy for your giftee.

-If you are making a gift for the person, allow the creating and crafting to be a time spent with God. Lift up the person in prayer. Thank God for that person and celebrate with God His creation.

-As you are wrapping the gift, again, stay in prayer. Spend time with God while celebrating this person.

-And finally, as you give the gift, live in the Fruit of what you have just done. You have immersed yourself in prayer for this person and allowed your heart to be filled by the Fruit of joy and love. Walk away feeling the awesomeness of turning to God while give a gift.

I give all of my gifts like this and it is an amazing practice! And every time I share this gift-giving practice with other people, they go crazy over the idea!

So transform your gift giving, and turn shopping and crafting into time spent with God.

Christian Gifts | Christian Gift Ideas