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Have you ever been around a person who can quote Scripture at the drop of a hat, who is able to apply the wisdom of the Bible in any given circumstance and respond to the questions and conversation going on around them? It’s a pretty amazing thing to witness, if you haven’t. There is an authority and believability to a person’s words when they are able to quote verses from memory – you just automatically think, “Wow, they really know what they are talking about!”

That’s why we’ve put together this quick post on how to create your own Scripture memorization cards. These cards are great for helping you memorize the Bible passages you want to remember, as well as a tool for helping you realign and inspire yourself at any moment, by helping you concentrate on Scripture.

The other great thing about these cards is they are so portable that you can have them with you anytime.

And because these cards are so nice and attractive, you’ll actually want to use them when you’re out and about. You can just pull these out when you’re stuck in a long line at the deli, or sitting in the car waiting for your kid’s practice to finish, or just waiting during your flight layover.

A professor of ours in seminary used to say, “You cannot use what you cannot remember.” So true, right? How many times have you read something, and then only minutes later, cannot accurately convey what you read to someone else?

The ability to use information when we need it is one of the most important skills a person can possess, and that’s why Scripture memorization is so important.

We need to be able to depend on God’s wisdom at all times.

Scripture is something that I use everyday of my life, and in fact, is one of the cornerstones of my faith. God revealed Himself to us through Scripture, and if we acknowledge that God is the most important thing in our lives, then we can certainly see the value of memorizing Scripture and adding important verses from it to the tip of our tongue.

The problem is that memorization isn’t always easy, right? Especially if you’re busy and don’t have a lot of time to focus. I’m betting you would love to be able to quote your favorite verses from memory; you’d love to be able to access the Scripture that most inspires you anytime, without even having to reach for a Bible – but what’s the best way to internalize those favorite messages in a way that fits your life?

That’s why we’ve come up with this tutorial/guide for making Scripture memorization cards that you’re going to love carrying with you everywhere!

These cards are a creative, fun and beautiful way to memorize Scripture. And, you can literally take any Scripture you want and put on these cards for memorization.

These cards are really quite simple to make – you don’t have to have great crafting abilities! This project is for any skill level!


-Cardstock paper, scrapbook paper or even pictures. Anything will do for the background! I used something similar to this.

-Vellum paper, this is what you will use to print the Scripture.

-Vellum glue, this dries clear and you will not see any glue through the transparent vellum paper.


-Hole punch

-Key ring

-Scissors or paper cutter

-Laminating machine. If you don’t have one, you can get one here or you can go to a teacher or office supply store and for a small fee have them laminate your cards.

Here’s a pic of what I used for this project!

Scripture Memorization | Bible Verse Flash Cards | Bible Verse Gift Idea

How to make your own Scripture Memorization Cards

Step 1

Pick some of your favorite Scripture. If you are struggling to find some good Scripture to memorize just google “top Scripture” and you can some beloved verses to inspire you.

Step 2

Take the Scripture you chose and type it out in a word processor, like Word or Pages. Make sure you leave enough space in your document to nicely cut your words out. I put two Scripture verses on each page, that way I was left with tons of room to cut out with plenty of space left over.

Step 3

Print out your Scripture. I used vellum paper to print mine, which is a nice translucent paper. I wanted to make sure my background paper would still be seen. However, you could use whatever paper you fancy.

Scripture Memorization | Bible Verse Flash Cards | Bible Verse Gift Idea

Step 4

Cut out your Scripture.

Step 5

Pick the background paper you would like to use for each of your verses.

Step 6

Take your background paper and your Scripture and adhere glue to the back of the Scripture printout. Center the Scripture and place it on your background paper. Note – if you are using vellum paper, make sure you use vellum glue. Vellum glue dries transparent and will not leave glue marks.

Scripture Memorization | Bible Verse Flash Cards | Bible Verse Gift Idea

Step 7

In order to create durability, run each Scripture card through a laminating machine. I got my laminator on Amazon  and it is nice to have around the house for random projects.

Keep in mind, laminating is optional, but it will keep your cards in tip top shape so you can carry them in your bag, in the car or even on your keys.

Scripture Memorization | Bible Verse Flash Cards | Bible Verse Gift Idea

Step 8

Take a hole punch and punch a hole in the top left hand corner of each card.

Step 9

Thread a key ring through all the cards and viola, you have a set of your very own beautiful Scripture memorization cards!

Scripture Memorization | Bible Verse Flash Cards | Bible Verse Gift Idea

That’s it. Super simple, completely customizable in every way, and something that you’ll want to use everyday. Don’t forget, these cards would make a great gift too, so if you have someone in mind, be in prayer for the perfect verses to use for this project.

For those of you who may think this is out of your crafting capabilities, you can purchase Scripture coloring postcards. Color those and laminate and you can replicate this process!

Scripture Memorization | Bible Verse Flash Cards | Bible Verse Gift Idea

I got these cards on Amazon, you can find them here.

Have a great time making these cards, and we really hope they help you in your quest to memorize the profound beauty and wisdom God has given us in Scripture.

*My cards measure 4inch by 4inch. But you can make them to whatever size you would like!

Scripture Memorization | Bible Verse Flash Cards | Bible Verse Gift Idea