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So you have an occasion coming up that calls for a gift? Maybe it’s Christmas, a baptism, graduation, or perhaps a wedding. You would love to give something that is Christian, but all you can think of is a Bible, Christian symbolic gift like a cross or a devotional.

You would like to give something different than the “traditional” Christian gifts.

But what will you give?

I had this exact situation happen to me when my nephew was baptized. I wanted to give him something that would be a signature to this monumental occasion. I kept thinking “really the best thing I could give him is my prayers. They are more valuable than anything I could ever give and they are profoundly lasting.”

Aha! That’s it! I will give him my prayers. That’s it, I thought.

I set out on my gift giving course to give this new baby something that would greatly impact his life, not just now but in the future.

I would make him a box of prayers!

So, I grabbed some notecards and went and got a wooden box that would hold the cards.

I was ready for preparing the gift.

Here’s what I did.

I thought of my nephew and I also became aware of God’s presence with me. I thought about him with God and I began to write down prayers. I thought about the man of God he could become and I prayed in this lens. I also prayed in celebration of this new, innocent life.

In total, I made about 15-20 prayer cards, with the intention to continue to make him more as the years accumulated.

I painted the box and put his initials on it and on in the inside I painted a Scripture.

And that was it!

I presented the gift at his baptism and my sister loved it! I really think it was a very special gift because what is better than prayers and sharing your love with people?

You know, I didn’t stop there. For her second child’s 5th birthday, I wanted to give Him something extra special. He’s a middle child, and so am I, and he’s my Godson. I was moving away to a new ministry venture and I wanted him to know how much I love him and will still be in his life, so out came a prayer box for Isaac.

It was really fun to make for Him. And for another epic idea, why not try lunchbox prayers for your kids!

I thought about Isaac and all of the wonderful things Isaac is. Spending time with the Lord, I celebrated His creation and prayed over Isaac and our relationship.

I wanted to really lift Isaac up and help build his godly identity. So with that in mind, I created a bunch of prayer cards for Him. Some of these cards were simply truths about Isaac’s character, in the awareness of celebrating how God created him and is shaping him.

Like most children, and I think most adults, Isaac opened his gift and was not sure how to receive it. I explained it to him and told him that he can read these cards with his parents before bed each night.

I heard back from my sister that Isaac asks to read a prayer each night and looks forward to this time!

Unbelievable! How amazing this little boy is being surrounded by God’s goodness and love each and every night and the fact that I am part of it, even though I am so far away is warmth in my heart.

It’s an unbelievable privilege and one you can be part of when you craft a gift like this.

My sister contacted me again and told me her oldest son was requesting a box. Of course, Sam was always on my list, but I was waiting for the right time to give him his box. And there’s no better time then when a 7 year old asks for a prayer box!

So Christmas is right around the corner as I write this post and Sam’s box is the inspiration. I wanted to share this idea with you all because it’s too good to keep to myself and my family!

Friends, I guarantee that this gift will elevate your relationship with your loved one you are giving it to. And don’t be worried if it is received with puzzlement. Most people do not receive gifts like this, but wouldn’t our world be that much brighter if we all would start doing things like this?

This is how the Kingdom of Heaven is alive and well on earth, it’s when we open up and share the love of Jesus to those around us and that is just what a prayer box does.

Below I have some examples of prayers/affirmations that can help your creative juices turn.

I included an example for a baby, a child, a teenager, a young adult, a spouse and a family member.

A prayer for a baby


A prayer for a kid


Prayer for a teen (there are two examples because both girls needed to be featured!)



A prayer for a young adult


A prayer for a family member


And a prayer for a spouse


And that’s it! It’s so simple. Just make up your cards and put them in a box.

Here’s the prayer box for my terrific little nephew Sam.


And don’t worry if you’re not a great artist, I’m not either. It doesn’t matter! It’s what’s inside!

You can give a prayer box practically at any occasion:







-Funeral (for the grieving loved one)

-Or for a random act of kindness, no special occasion needed!

The unbelievable benefits of a prayer box:

1.) Your recipient gets to know how you think about them!

2.) You are turning to God and lifting your loved one up to Him.

3.) You are actually praying together with Your loved one, each time they read the card.

4.) They will have your prayers at their disposal as long as they hold on to the box.

5.) This is a tremendous act of love and transparency. It’s a way for Christians to come together with Christ being at the center. I believe it is a bonding gift. Where you can grow closer to your loved one through the gift of prayer, love, and transparency.

So make your next gift to a loved one a prayer box and spread the goodness and love of God to those in your life!

Additional Resources

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