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Do you find yourself feeling or saying, “God, I am tired?”

Maybe life has bombarded you with waves lately and you’re having a hard time standing up. Or perhaps you simply need a break from it all. It’s tough adulting, right? Even if you’ve been responsible for a long time, there is always so much put on our shoulders.

We work hard to get to the weekend, and then what happens? The weekend has loads of responsibilities and engagements! It’s hard to find a moment to rest and recoup because there is just too much going on. Maybe you have a little bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) that keeps you so busy. Or maybe there’s just too much expected of you.

Either way, girl, you need a break! That’s why I created this Christian Challenge, for the person who finds themselves worn out and exhausted. The girl who is crying out, “God, I am tired!”

You need this Challenge and whats great about it, it comes straight to your email every day, for free!

You’ll only need a few moments each day to complete this Challenge.

So stop saying “God, I am tired” and start doing something about it. Get some much-needed rest with this Challenge!

What you will find in this 5 Day Christian Challenge is:

  1. An email every day for the next 5 days. Make sure to whitelist the email, so it doesn’t show up in your spam. Also, we never sell or abuse your email. We treat you with respect!
  2. Scripture
  3. Prayers
  4. Fun, creative ideas for finding some much-needed rest
  5. Loads of free resources

So, if you are up for the Challenge, sign up for the amazing 5-day oasis from the demands of life that wipe out the desire for crying out “God I am tired!”

Additional Resources

While this Challenge is just about getting a break, many times our exhaustion comes from waiting on God’s movement in our life. We wanted to pass along some excellent resources to help you find more peace in this area.

Relevant Magazine has an article online titled 3 things to remember when you are tired of waiting on God.

The Today Show also has a quick little article on de-stressing. Obviously not a Christian article, but still good ideas, “Need a break? Try these 6 research-backed ways to de-stress in 5 minutes.”

Finally, I have some other resources that could be of a great help to you

We have created a self-care retreat that you can do from your home that is a great companion piece to this Challenge. Get it here Free 3-day self-care retreat.

And do you need any prayer? We have 30 prayers for Anxiety that could really help you rest and relax. Check out 30 Prayers for Anxiety.

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God I Am Tired
God I Am Tired
Forevergreen Women's Bible Study | Discipleship Program | Women's Ministry | Women's Bible Studies