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Prayer For Weight Loss


Prayer For Weight Loss | Prayers For Weight Loss

God, I am simply tired of living this way, but I fear I do not know any other way to live. I keep repeating behaviors, patterns that I know will not get the weight to come off, but I cannot stop myself. I have a problem that I do not know how to overcome. God, I need You to come rescue me from myself. Amen.


Prayers For Crash Dieting | Prayer For Crash Dieting

Lord, I feel like I am a slave to food. I can’t stop thinking about eating or what I am going to consume next. God, I wish I could focus on other things, but it’s like food has a stronghold over me. I do not want food to be my god. I want You and only You to be my Lord. Help me live in that reality. Amen.


Prayer For Healthy Life | Prayers For Healthy Life

God, You can overcome anything. You hold all the answers. Help me always to remember this as I journey toward a healthier lifestyle. With You at my side, nothing is impossible! Amen.


Prayer For Crash Diets | Prayers For Crash Diets

Lord, help me not to fall into depression, worry, or anger when my weight does not come off as fast as I would like. God, let me always fix my eyes on You and not the scale and gain all of my strength from Your endless pool. Amen.


Prayer For Diets | Prayers For Diets

Lord, I have a lousy relationship with food. Please help me change the way I approach eating. Amen.


Prayer For Weight Loss With God | Prayers For Weight Loss With God

God, reveal if I am cheating on my diet and not even realizing it. Help me to stay lovingly accountable to my goal. Open my eyes where they need to be opened so that I can truly succeed. Thank You for always being there with and for me. Amen.

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Prayers For Dieting With God | Prayer For Dieting With God

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