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You undoubtedly came to check out this post about prayer for weight loss because you are currently on a weight loss journey or you have been combatting weight issues for some time. I welcome you and hope you find some peace, encouragement, hope, and love in the prayer for weight loss I’ve written for you.

Dieting is often a rollercoaster because there are so many factors that go into losing weight especially emotions – and oh boy do I know that. I am currently on my own weight loss journey, and I have learned a lot in my endeavor of dieting and seeking a healthy lifestyle.

One of my biggest lessons in all of this has been that I have surrendered to weight loss being a journey and a journey is just that, a journey. Sometimes we will have good days and others we will not. Dieting is hard because we have to eat. We can’t just quit eating! So we have to eat. What’s important are the foods we choose. I pray you choose well today. I pray that temptation does not win. Keep staying on the road, it is worth it!

It really is worth it, seeking after your goals and being able to stay on the course is the ultimate goal. I hope that prayer for weight loss brings a lot of encouragement for you on your own journey! I also have another great post that can help uplift you and equip you: Bible Verses For Help With Weight Loss And Dieting.

Prayer For Weight Loss


Prayers For Dieting | Prayer For Dieting

Gracious God, I have a goal and a desire to be more healthy. I know only true health comes from you. While it may be tough, I know if I stay the course I will succeed. However, some moments and even days are tough for my mind wants what will cause me to fail. Help me fight off those temptations. Help me to stay the course. I need your strength, and I need you to provide my determination. Help me to find clever ways to stay focused and on the path, for you are the Creator of all and You know what I need. Thank you always. Amen.


Prayer For Healthy Lifestyle | Prayers For Healthy Lifestyle

God, I want to lose weight. I have been in a cycle for so many years being in the body I do not want to be in, so I need You. I come to You because You can aid me in my journey toward health, for you are the God of health and restoration. Guide me and help me to follow You, please! Amen.


Prayers For Diet | Prayer For Diet

God, I do not know how to feed myself properly. I gravitate to foods that are not nutritional. I do not know how to crave an apple or a salad. I really know how to crave fast food. I need you to switch my desires. I need you to come and help me. Amen.

Prayer For Health | Prayers For Health

God, the scale hasn’t moved in days, and I am getting frustrated. I am doing everything right, but this “lack of progress” makes me want to give up. Please help me overcome this small hurdle so that I can stay on the path toward my goal of health. Amen.


Prayer For Losing Weight | Prayers For Losing Weight

God, I confess I overeat. I find myself eating and eating and eating some more until I am really full. This comforts me, and I do not know why! Reveal my brokenness in this bad habit. I need Your wisdom. Amen.

More Prayer For Weight Loss

Prayer For Weight Loss | Prayers For Weight Loss

Lord, I need you to be my parent, Just like a good mom feeds her baby the proper nutrition for their development, I too need the right foods, but I do not know how to feed myself. I surrender to You, God. Lead me in my choices, like a parent leads their child. Amen.


Prayer For Exercise | Prayers For Exercise

God, I need to move my body more. I need to have more activity in my life and honor my body by keeping it active. Please help me feel motivated to exercise. Amen.


Prayer For Weight Loss Help | Prayers For Weight Loss Help

Lord, I am sick of my clothes not fitting and feeling unattractive. This isn’t who I am, the person with all of this extra weight. I feel unlovable and uncomfortable. Lord, help me to know that my worth doesn’t come from my physical size but from You. Understanding my worth will undoubtedly help me with my weight problem. Amen.


Prayer For Losing Weight | Prayers For Losing Weight

Lord, I don’t want to diet. I don’t want to cut calories and exercise, but I don’t want to be this size anymore. I am in a catch 22, and I need divine intervention. Come rescue me from this conundrum, please. Amen.


Prayer For Healthy Lifestyle | Prayers For Healthy Lifestyle

Lord, it feels as though I will never achieve the goal I want, the body I desire. I feel so discouraged and tired. I need Your strength and perseverance to overcome my doubt and worry. Amen.

More Prayer For Weight Loss


Prayer For Exercise | Prayers For Exercise

God, my water intake is pitiful especially when I think about the many people around the world who are literally dying for clean, drinkable water. I don’t know why I do not crave pure, clean water. Please help me to develop a thirst for your source of life. Amen.


Prayers For Weight Loss | Prayer For Weight Loss

Lord, it is hard not to envy others who have trim bodies. It seems like everywhere I look I see thin people and it makes me a bit crazy. Why can they have what I cannot achieve? Lord, I need a breakthrough. I want so desperately to be smaller and healthier, but it feels like I will never achieve that. I just don’t know how to get there, but You do. I need Your help, please! Amen.


Prayer For Dieting | Prayers For Dieting

God, why is dieting so hard for me? I start off strong, and then I get frustrated, or I simply can’t stand the “low-calorie” foods I have to eat to lose weight. Is there something wrong I am doing? Is there a more appropriate diet out there that will suit me better? If so, will you illuminate the path to it? Amen.


Prayer For Losing Weight | Prayers For Losing Weight

God, help me to accept that weight loss is not a sprint, but a marathon. Amen.


Prayer For Diets | Prayers For Diets

Lord, what am I missing? Why am I even overweight in the first place? What is broken inside of me that food is comforting? While this is a scary process, I know You are good and loving and want to see me fully healed, not just my symptoms. Amen.

Prayer For Weight Loss


Prayer For Weight Loss | Prayers For Weight Loss

God, I am simply tired of living this way, but I fear I do not know any other way to live. I keep repeating behaviors, patterns that I know will not get the weight to come off, but I cannot stop myself. I have a problem that I do not know how to overcome. God, I need You to come rescue me from myself. Amen.


Prayers For Crash Dieting | Prayer For Crash Dieting

Lord, I feel like I am a slave to food. I can’t stop thinking about eating or what I am going to consume next. God, I wish I could focus on other things, but it’s like food has a stronghold over me. I do not want food to be my god. I want You and only You to be my Lord. Help me live in that reality. Amen.


Prayer For Healthy Life | Prayers For Healthy Life

God, You can overcome anything. You hold all the answers. Help me always to remember this as I journey toward a healthier lifestyle. With You at my side, nothing is impossible! Amen.


Prayer For Crash Diets | Prayers For Crash Diets

Lord, help me not to fall into depression, worry, or anger when my weight does not come off as fast as I would like. God, let me always fix my eyes on You and not the scale and gain all of my strength from Your endless pool. Amen.


Prayer For Diets | Prayers For Diets

Lord, I have a lousy relationship with food. Please help me change the way I approach eating. Amen.


Prayer For Weight Loss With God | Prayers For Weight Loss With God

God, reveal if I am cheating on my diet and not even realizing it. Help me to stay lovingly accountable to my goal. Open my eyes where they need to be opened so that I can truly succeed. Thank You for always being there with and for me. Amen.

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