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Prayer For Weight Loss

Prayer For Weight Loss | Prayers For Weight Loss

Lord, I need you to be my parent, Just like a good mom feeds her baby the proper nutrition for their development, I too need the right foods, but I do not know how to feed myself. I surrender to You, God. Lead me in my choices, like a parent leads their child. Amen.


Prayer For Exercise | Prayers For Exercise

God, I need to move my body more. I need to have more activity in my life and honor my body by keeping it active. Please help me feel motivated to exercise. Amen.


Prayer For Weight Loss Help | Prayers For Weight Loss Help

Lord, I am sick of my clothes not fitting and feeling unattractive. This isn’t who I am, the person with all of this extra weight. I feel unlovable and uncomfortable. Lord, help me to know that my worth doesn’t come from my physical size but from You. Understanding my worth will undoubtedly help me with my weight problem. Amen.


Prayer For Losing Weight | Prayers For Losing Weight

Lord, I don’t want to diet. I don’t want to cut calories and exercise, but I don’t want to be this size anymore. I am in a catch 22, and I need divine intervention. Come rescue me from this conundrum, please. Amen.


Prayer For Healthy Lifestyle | Prayers For Healthy Lifestyle

Lord, it feels as though I will never achieve the goal I want, the body I desire. I feel so discouraged and tired. I need Your strength and perseverance to overcome my doubt and worry. Amen.

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