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Prayer For Weight Loss


Prayer For Exercise | Prayers For Exercise

God, my water intake is pitiful especially when I think about the many people around the world who are literally dying for clean, drinkable water. I don’t know why I do not crave pure, clean water. Please help me to develop a thirst for your source of life. Amen.


Prayers For Weight Loss | Prayer For Weight Loss

Lord, it is hard not to envy others who have trim bodies. It seems like everywhere I look I see thin people and it makes me a bit crazy. Why can they have what I cannot achieve? Lord, I need a breakthrough. I want so desperately to be smaller and healthier, but it feels like I will never achieve that. I just don’t know how to get there, but You do. I need Your help, please! Amen.


Prayer For Dieting | Prayers For Dieting

God, why is dieting so hard for me? I start off strong, and then I get frustrated, or I simply can’t stand the “low-calorie” foods I have to eat to lose weight. Is there something wrong I am doing? Is there a more appropriate diet out there that will suit me better? If so, will you illuminate the path to it? Amen.


Prayer For Losing Weight | Prayers For Losing Weight

God, help me to accept that weight loss is not a sprint, but a marathon. Amen.


Prayer For Diets | Prayers For Diets

Lord, what am I missing? Why am I even overweight in the first place? What is broken inside of me that food is comforting? While this is a scary process, I know You are good and loving and want to see me fully healed, not just my symptoms. Amen.

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