30 Prayers For Strength To Say Right Now

Prayer For Strength | Prayer For Healing | Prayer For Loss Of A Loved One

God’s strength is something we all need in all circumstances of life. Maybe you are facing a rough patch right now or possibly looking to cultivate more of a Godly heart. Regardless of the reason, prayer for God’s strength is avery good thing!

May these prayers be prayers that help you find the strength of God in your life today!

1. Father, I need you. I need your strength and I feel weak and alone. I ask that your strength overtakes me and helps me withstand what I am facing. Amen.
2. Mighty God, Your strength is what I seek. It’s what I need. My life feels out of control right now and I ask that your presence and strength radically shakes my world. Amen.
3. God, Thank you for being there for me and for helping me. I know I can call upon your strength for anything. Thank you for being who You are. Amen.
4. Holy One, Who am I without you? I know that I need you for everything. I need your love, strength and presence deeply in my life and in my problems. Help me feel you more, amen.
5. Jesus, You walked in this world with such power and strength. Your example of life seems so far from me. Help me to see how You can help me become more like You. Help me to see the magnitude of your presence in my life and how that changes things for me. Amen.
6. Amazing God, Life is really tough for me right now. I don’t know what to do – all I know is to look at You. Will You honor that humble response and help me? Help me have a breakthrough. I need a change God, I need it badly, I need You badly, amen.
7. God, I feel isolated and alone. I desperately need help. Will You please show me Your power and strength in my life? Amen.
8. Lord, Where are you? Can you please help me? I desperately need your love and support. Please overcome me with your love and strength today. Amen.
9. God, You can move mountains. Nothing is impossible for You. Help me to remember that! Amen.
10. God, Please conquer what ails and afflicts me. I need You to show up and transform the problems I face. I believe so deeply in who You are and what You can do. You are the God who changes things! Amen.
11. Lord, I need more of You. Help my thoughts and feelings be captured by You not my circumstances or desires. Amen.
12. God, help me. Amen.
13. God, Sweep into my heart and consume it. Overwhelm and overtake my life. Show me your strength and love, I need it. Amen.
14. Lord, You are great and mighty. You can change anything and bring depth and life to dead places. God, bring forth those things in my life, because I need them desperately. Amen.
15. God, Life without You is no life at all. You are the most amazing thing in the whole universe. You have drastically shaped and changed my life. Help me to always remember who it is that walks with me. Amen.
16. God, Your strength is what I seek. Please shower me with your power and might, so that I may carry on. Amen.
17. Lord, I can’t believe I made it out of bed this morning, there’s just so much I dread about this day. I utterly and completely need your strength to walk through it. Please help me. Amen.
18. God, Everywhere I look I see the power of your creation and what unimaginable strength you have. Lord, I need You and your power today. Amen.
19. God, Thank you for being reliable and dependable, even when I can’t feel you. Help me to remember You are always with me, no matter how I feel. Amen.
20. Lord, I’m afraid of what the future holds. I don’t know if I can face the challenges ahead of me today. Lend me your strength so I can walk like Jesus through the uncertainty. Amen.
21. Lord, Life can really be tough sometimes, as You know. I can become overwhelmed and forget who You are and what You offer me. Help me to always remember who You are and how much You love me. Amen
22. God, I know what happens when I depend on my own strength. I get exhausted, worn down and stressed. Help me learn your loving way so that I can live in your power every day. Amen.
23. God, Thank you so much for your support. You care so deeply for me and cherish our time together. When life is overwhelming and I feel as though I am sinking, help me remember that You love me and care about me. These are the things that carry me through. Amen.
24. Lord, There are so many problems I face. I feel attacked from all angles. Where is your strength, O’ Lord? I desperately need You.  Lord, I need You. I need You. Thank you for always being there for me. Amen.
25. Lord, I need someone to take care of me. I feel pulled in all directions with the responsibilities I have. I need more than I have to give. My only hope is your strength. Amen.
26. God, I try to keep it all together in the company of others in my life, but inside I just feel like a child. I feel helpless and not sure what to do. Will you please penetrate through my insecurity and fear? Become bigger than my doubts. Amen.
27. God, My life is too much for me. I have a lot I carry. I need your tenderness and your strength in my life. Please provide the gift of your strength. Amen.
28. God, You are everything! You are my source of true strength. You are all I need. Amen.
29. Lord, This situation I am facing is impossible. There is no natural solution to it. I need your strength to face what is happening in my life and to trust that You will carry me through. Amen.
30. Wonderful Provider, Thank you for being my source of strength. Thank you that I can turn to You in anything. This is an amazing privilege! May I grow deeper in your strength and love. Amen.

Prayer For Strength | Prayer For Healing | Prayer For Loss Of A Loved One

We hope that these prayers help you receive the strength and love God is always offering you.

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Are you looking for God's strength in your life? Why not turn to prayer? In this post, we provide you with 30 prayers for God's strength right in the post!

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  1. Thank you for these wonderful prayers. They remind me that there is always for as long as you have faith.

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