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Prayer For Strength


Prayers To Find The Strength Of Jesus

God, I try to keep it all together in the company of others in my life, but inside I just feel like a child. I feel helpless and not sure what to do. Will you please penetrate through my insecurity and fear? Become bigger than my doubts. Amen.


Prayers To Find The Strength Of God

God, My life is too much for me. I have a lot I carry. I need your tenderness and your strength in my life. Please provide the gift of your strength. Amen.


Prayers To Find The Strength Of Christ

God, You are everything! You are my source of true strength. You are all I need. Amen.


Prayer To Find The Strength Of Jesus

Lord, This situation I am facing is impossible. There is no natural solution to it. I need your strength to face what is happening in my life and to trust that You will carry me through. Amen.


Strength In Christ | Strength Of God | God's Strength | Prayer For Strength

Wonderful Provider, Thank you for being my source of strength. Thank you that I can turn to You in anything. This is an amazing privilege! May I grow deeper in your strength and love. Amen.

We hope that these prayers help you receive the strength and love God is always offering you.

Below are some additional resources & reflection questions. We like to give you things to take, not just food for thought. We want to help you put principles into action.

Additional Resources

We have a great devotion based off of the worship song “Same Power” by Jeremy Camp, you can find it here.

We have an article about finding God’s strength that may be helpful for you: “How To Find God’s Strength In You Right Now

An awesome section of Scripture to help you rely on God’s strength can be found: Philippians 4:4-13

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Strength In Christ | Strength Of God | God's Strength | Prayer For Strength

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