Christian Weight Loss

Are You On A Christian Weight Loss Journey Or Soon Starting One?

Whether you need to drop 5 pounds or 100, the resources below are created for anyone who is seeking to invite God into their weight loss journey.

As Christians, we have the unbelievable privilege of having God walking with us at all times, through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. All of this was made possible through the selfless sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

As such, we have the power of Christ in available to us at all times. The problem is that we often do not live in that reality.

With Christ’s power pulsing through us, we have invaluable tool in life. We have access to God and His power, strength, and love at any time.

But in order to use that access, we must stay connected to Him, and that doesn’t usually happen spontaneously. Through discipline and an active dedication, you can grow in the reliance of God in your life more and more each day.

This is important for your weight loss journey, because staying close to God only gives you a better chance of achieving your goals of becoming healthier.

I know it is often tempting to “pray the pounds away” and wish and hope for a miracle, often times God is more interested in our journey of health than simply providing us a miracle.

While God is completely capable of miraculously healing you and giving you the body and health you seek, more often than not, He wants to walk with you in the adventure of leaning on Him and living in that reality.

Our God is immensely interested in you and loves you deeply and wants you to be a healthy creation in Him. And in doing so, your life is enriched and you get closer to obtaining your goal of a healthier lifestyle.

Below are some amazing resources we have created for you and ourselves. So scroll down and see what peaks your interest. It is our hope that you find some great tools for your journey.

Christian Weight Loss Resources

Weight Loss Challenge

Are you looking for a jump start for your diet? In this 7-day weight loss Challenge, you will not only work on your weight loss goals, but also allow God to provide you His guidance, support, and love on your journey. Christian weight loss isn’t a quick fix, but it does have lasting change!

Prayer For Weight Loss

Prayer for weight loss is an essential tool. Turning to God in prayer equips us and sustains us through His power and love. We created 21 unique prayers for you to say right now, to seek God’s guidance, power and most importantly love for you. Equip your weight loss journey with these easily accessible prayers!

Weight Loss Group
A FREE Facebook group. Transform your weight loss experience by joining in with other Christians speaking about the struggles, thoughts, and victories of becoming healthier. A weight-loss group created in a pursuit of my transparent weight loss journey with God as my guide.

Christian Workout Music
A great list of Christian workout music! Get your heart beating and your feet moving with this lively list of great songs by Christian artists. Keeping your mind on truth and uplifting words will help you have a great work out that not only benefits your body, but also your relationship with God!

Bible Verses For Health
Are you in need of some scriptures for health? We have put together a great list of 20 Bible verses for health to help you on your journey. Beautiful scripture cards are included in the post!

Scripture For Weight Loss
Scripture for weight loss is an essential tool for success in your diet. Scripture can always help equip us for lasting change. If you are dieting or seeking a healthy lifestyle, these 25 scriptures for weight loss are for you!

God Help Me Lose Weight
It was quite a conundrum – what would God give me? God help me lose weight was my battle cry. Which prayer would He answer? The prayer for me to be thin… or the prayer for God to rule my heart?

Weight Loss Prayer

In weight loss prayer is essential. This prayer for weight loss is a prayer you can use to help you find the strength to continue, restart, or begin your weight loss journey. Run to God’s good arms by having Him be the source of your Christian weight loss.

Prayer For Change

Are you looking for a change? Maybe it’s behavioral or trying to change a bad habit. Whatever you are trying to change, prayer for change will only help aid you on your journey towards a different life. Try these 30 short prayers that were created to help you turn to God for change.

Christian Weight Loss