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A Weight Loss Prayer

I wanted to create a weight loss prayer to serve as your daily prayer or as a prayer to start or restart your diet. Let’s face it – losing weight is hard! It forces us to say no to the things we want, like the cake or potato chips. Weight loss is a discipline and it is rather simple in the majority of cases- burn more calories than you consume. But if the formula is so simple, then why is it so hard? Why is it so easy to fail at losing weight?

It’s hard because we all have baggage that we carry around. We have defense mechanisms, emotions, and all sorts of things tied up with the food we put in our bodies.

So while the basic diet formula is easy, it isn’t because of the emotions, thought patterns, and strongholds we have.

That is why prayer is essential in your weight loss goals.

Prayer isn’t simply to turn to God as though He’s Santa Claus hope and believe He will give us our desire as a gift. No, prayer is to help you align your heart, mind, and actions on God who has the endless supply of power, strength, and love for you on your journey, and every day for that matter.

God cares and loves you deeply. He wants you to flourish and He is the only One who can bring that about! So run to Him, grab ahold, and don’t let go.

The journey is the destination, because life with God brings excitement, rejuvenation, freedom, healing, and life to the fullest.

Good luck on your Christian weight loss journey!

Below is a weight loss prayer, please feel free to pin this or share it on Facebook or other social media accounts.

A Weight Loss Prayer

Weight Loss Prayer

A Weight Loss Prayer

I need you to come and rescue me from this pit of dieting and shame. I am sick of having this body and I am sick of my bad eating habits. I don’t understand why I am stuck in this cycle. I long to be thinner and healthier, but I can’t get there. why can’t I get there? I need a breakthrough. I need your power and grace to overcome this situation. I’m willing to do the hard work God, but I can’t do it alone. I don’t want to do it alone. I need you. reveal to me where I need healing in my heart and why I run to food instead of you for my source of comfort. I need the fruit of your spirit, I need self-control. Lord, I also need self-care and your love to overwhelm me. I am tired of carrying this problem around and I want to change, but Lord, help me to want you more than the weight loss. help me to know that you are my true source of health and you will lead me to green pastures. I love you and thank you for being good. Amen.

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