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Prayer For Change

God is the source of all things. He is capable and ready to help you with the things that weigh you down.

We created this list to give you some quick prayers you could say to help you turn to God for true strength and love in your pursuit of changed behavior, because prayer for change can only help aid you on your journey!

These prayers are prayers of thanksgiving, worship, and request. We hope this helps you tune your heart and mind towards God and His infinite source of strength, power, and love.


Prayer For Change

Lord, help me to turn to You for change. As I begin to change my behavior, I ask that You help me think about this through Your eyes and Your love. Help me to process my thoughts and desires. Also, please help me to turn to You. Help me, awaken me, to Your presence and depth of love. Amen.



Prayer For Change

Lord, thank you for this opportunity to turn to you in my weakness. God, by doing so I know that true strength happens. Please, help me to rest in this knowledge as I journey with you on this road of change through your power, grace, and love. Amen.



Prayer For Change

God, before I give anything up or change my behavior, help me to truly rest in You and find my guidance through You. This is tough for me because waiting on You is not how the world operates. But it is how I want to live – because I know You know what is best for me. Help me to trust that and live in that! Amen.



Prayer For Change

Lord, as I prepare my heart and mind for changing my behavior, I ask that your divine will be clear to me. Help me to make this change, a Holy change as I look to You for all of my strength and guidance. Allow your way of life rule in my thoughts and actions. Thank you for being there for me in this! Amen.



Prayer For Change

God, You are always there for me calming my storms. Help me to trust You. Help me to see how You are in control of all and help me remember who You are. I get scared so easily, Lord, and I forget who You are. Help me to remember, even when I am scared, Your loving presence and unbelievable power. I thank you for this, Amen.

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Prayer For Change

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