30 Prayers For Change To Say Right Now

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God is the source of all things. He is capable and ready to help you with the things that weigh you down.

We created this list to give you some quick prayers you could say to help you turn to God for true strength and love in your pursuit of changed behavior.

These prayers are prayers of thanksgiving, worship and request. We hope this helps you tune your heart and mind towards God and His infinite source of strength, power and love.

1. Lord, help me to turn to You in for change. As I begin to change my behavior, I ask that You help me think about this through Your eyes and Your love. Help me to process my thoughts and desires. Also, please help me to turn to You. Help me to awaken me to Your presence and depth of love. Amen.
2. Lord, thank you for this opportunity to turn to you in my weakness. God, by doing so I know that true strength happens. Please, help me to rest in this knowledge as I journey with you on this road of change through your power, grace and love. Amen.
3. God, before I give anything up or change my behavior, help me to truly rest in You and find my guidance through You. This is tough for me, because waiting on You is not how the world operates. But it is how I want to live – because I know You know what is best for me. Help me to trust that and live in that! Amen.
4. Lord, as I prepare my heart and mind for changing my behavior, I ask that your divine will be clear to me. Help me to make this change, a Holy change as I look to You for all of my strength and guidance. Allow your way of life rule in my thoughts and actions. Thank you for being there for me in this! Amen.
5. God, You are always there for me calming my storms. Help me to trust in You. Help me to see how You are in control of all and help me remember who You are. I get scared so easily, Lord, and I forget who You are. Help me to remember, even when I am scared, Your loving presence and unbelievable power. I thank you for this, Amen.
6. Almighty God, thank you for never stopping believing in me. Sometimes, it’s hard to grasp how much You love me, care for me and want my life to be better. Lord, I need more of this reality in my life. I need to understand more how much You pour your love over me. Help me to grow in this truth. Amen.
7. Holy God, The Creator of all things, thank you for making me and this beautiful world I live in. Thank you for walking with me, for saving me and for making my life better. You care so deeply for me, that You want to walk with me in my current troubles. Sometimes I forget that. Lord, step with me in this journey of transformation and help me to lean on your strength, guidance and love. Amen.
8. God, I ask that your wisdom directs me in my quest for change. Help me to feel confident in your direction. Make your voice recognizable and your way clear. Help me to have no doubt or confusion. Amen.
9. God, sometimes following you is really scary. It’s scary because I really don’t know the magnitude of Your strength and love. Help me to trust You and see that You really do love me just as I am. Help me to feel no shame, but rather grace and help me to go where You lead me. Amen.
10. God, the journey I am on is not an easy one. Changing behavior is always a hard thing. Help me to have grace and love on myself, even when I stumble or fall. Lord, help me to see myself the way You see me and that is full of love. Amen.
11. God, thank you for being there for me. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. Lord, thank you for our relationship. God, I long to be closer to you. I do want to know You better and walk with you moment by moment. My life would look so different if I realized the power and love available to me every moment of the day. I pray that I can know You like this; know You like your son Jesus did on this Earth. Amen.
12. God, it’s not always easy to change, even when I turn to You. Help me not to become discourage when I can’t sense You or feel You. Help me to know no matter my feelings or thoughts,You are always there with me loving me. Amen.
13. Perfect God, I thank you for your light in my life. Continue to guide me Lord, in this process of change. Help me to trust You in this process, trust You for my strength. Let me rest in You. Amen.
14. Lord, it’s scary to change. It’s frightening to let go of what I know so well and step into the unknown. However, I forget sometimes that I am not stepping out alone. Nor am I stepping into an unsafe place, I am going where You guide and where You are. Help me to trust in You even when I feel unsure or scared. Thank you for being there for me in this way, Amen.
15. Jesus, thank you for your ministry on this Earth. Thank you for coming and emptying yourself so you could be like me. You understand me so well, because You know personally what this world is like. What’s remarkable is that You know how tough this world is and how cruel people can be and yet, you still came and healed. Help me to walk like you, even when I feel like the world is tough. Give me strength to take on your way and rest in You. Amen.
16. Jesus, sometimes I am really embarrassed by my behavior. I feel so small and insignificant next to you and it scares me sometimes. Help me to see You as a wonderful counselor, friend and lover of my soul. Help me to see You in joy, not fear or shame. Amen.
17. Jesus, my breath is taken away at your tenderness, mercy and compassion. Oh, how You love those who seek You out! Lord, I am seeking You out, help me in my endeavors. Help me to overcome the problem that I carry. Help me to heal. I love you so much and thank you for always being there for me. Amen.
18. God, You are amazing! Simply amazing! Thank you for your strength; thank you for your kindness. Lord, I am so lucky to have You in my life, allow me to walk in this truth today, help me to stay tethered to you for guidance. Amen.
19. God, thank you for your power and might. It’s unbelievable what Jesus went through and still You remained in control! Even when things look bleak and hope is fleeting, help me to remember You have the power to raise the dead to life. Help me to see beyond my circumstances to Your vast and mighty Presence. I love you and thank you for You. Amen.
20. God, it’s shocking to think, for even a moment, about all the things that you do which I have no clue about. You are so much bigger than I could ever imagine, yet in that grandeur, You are not too big to meet me where I am. Thank you for that! Thank you that You are a compassionate, loving God. A God who is deeply interested in His creation. Amen.
21. Lord, help me to seek and hear Your guidance. Your way is made clear to me through my time spent with You. Help me to discern what is Your voice and what is not. I want to walk closely with You as my guiding light. Help me to be successful in this pursuit. Amen.
22. God, thank you! Thank you for the ability to trust in You, even though it can be hard sometimes. There is so much hope in You and my future is all Yours. I look forward to the day where I will get to be with You in a new way in Heaven. While I’m here on Earth, help me to awaken to Your presence which is always with me, even if I can’t feel it. Amen.
23. God, I need you. Amen.
24. Lord, I often feel like I have to look out for myself alone that there is no one that has my best interest at heart. Open my eyes to the security You have provided me my whole life in good times and bad. I thank you. Amen.
25. God, thank you for how interested you are in my well-being. To have such a powerful, all-knowing God come and tend to me in this way is outstanding. Thank you for the way You love me. Amen.
26. God, You have always existed and You created everything including me. It’s unbelievable how mighty and great You are! Help me to remember that as I face trials and go through the duties of the day -You are God. Amen.
27. God, wow You are amazing! I am so thankful for how You are showing me Your awesomeness and love. Help me to hear and see You more clearly. Help me to stay tethered to You. Amen.
28. Almighty God, Your constant power and might is unbelievable, so much so that I often forget just who You are and what You are offering me. Help me to see You in this lens, my shelter, my home. I want to tuck away in You, for You are safe and trustworthy. Thank you for loving me in this way. Amen.
29. Lord, help me to seek comfort in turning to You for guidance. While I may be scared to leave behind my way of doing things, I know Your way is ultimately better. Help me to grow confident in that. Amen.
30. God, my life is nothing without you. Help me to live in this reality, moment by moment, each day. Life only comes from You. I know my life changes through You and You alone. Help me to grow closer to You, because that is the real change I seek. Amen.

May you go forth from these prayers renewed in the power, grace and love God has for you. Nothing is too small for our God, He’s unstoppable. Pursue Him with everything you have and watch your world drastically change!

If you are looking for more Christian resources on change Spiritually Hungry has another great resource: The 31 Day Challenge, Work On Change Through God’s Strength, Power And Love!

In this Challenge, we provide you the tools to help you turn to God's power and love for help with change, because He really is the One who can produce true change.

While this was originally created for the New Year, you do this Challenge anytime. It’s a GREAT Challenge for helping you walk through change with God!

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Looking to change your behavior but can't seem to find a way? We have created 30 prayers just for you to help you turn to God for change. The prayers are right in the post!

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