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A Christian Facebook Weight Loss Group

I’m embarking on an adventure and experiment and I want to invite you along for the ride.

Recently I have been discussing with God about opening up and sharing my journey towards a healthy lifestyle. This idea came to me about creating a Facebook group that is situated on the topic of weight loss and healthy living.

I thought this could be neat. What if I used Facebook as an open journal about what my journey looks like and invite all who would like to be part of this experiment to come along.

I wonder what would it look like if I wrote to you my thoughts, actions, and struggles, would it help me achieve my goal? 

Accountability is always a great thing for losing weight. It’s good to tell your family, friends, coworkers that you are dieting, not for their benefit, but for yours. It’s easier to break a diet when no one knows. And accountability is what I am seeking by creating this group, something that I can’t back down from or easily forget about come January 11th.

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In this group, you will learn about my story, who I am and what I struggle with. But just for a little introduction, my name is Alexis and I am the co-creator of Spiritually Hungry. My life since I have been 16 has been in pursuit of knowing God more deeply and finding myself loved by him. I have been in professional ministry since I was 21. I am a graduate of Denver Seminary and have held a multitude of various church positions from youth ministry to pastor. Right now, I am raising my little ones and doing itinerate ministry.

But back to this new weight loss group. I have seen a lot of healing in my heart by God, but there has been a hang-up for some time and that is my relationship with food. I feel as though I do not treat myself well when it comes to nutrition and this thought has begun to bother me. Really bother me.

For a long time, I wanted to lose weight for the simple fact that I had gained it and wanted it gone. I didn’t like my figure and I wanted to downsize. I really struggled with the body I had put myself in through lack of intentional care. As I have grown from that despairing rollercoaster, God has called me to more than simple weight loss. He has called me to self-care, to love myself. And really, feeding yourself and taking care of yourself is foundational to loving who you are.

I want this journey to be different than anything I have ever done before by openly sharing my struggles, thoughts, and victories in this new group I’m creating. 

As 2018 approaches, I begin now by preparing my mind and heart for what God has called me to, which is physical health. I have a lot to share so this group isn’t just going to benefit me, but you as well, I hope!

So if you’re looking for a change, real lasting change, not just the newest diet fad, then I invite you to this adventure with me. Let us journey together and see what God has in store for us as we seek to be healthier people.

It should be noted I am by no means a dietician or healthcare professional. This is simply a journey about one person responding to a prompting from God and a desire in her own heart to learn how to treat herself better. This is not about restrictions, harshness or fear, but rather discipline, responsibility, and love. I hope you join me in this adventure and see what God has in store for you!

Are you ready to join me? Click here to join Spiritually Hungry’s Weight Loss Facebook Group.

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Click here to join Spiritually Hungry’s Facebook Weight Loss Group.