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Below you’ll find all of our Christian Christmas resources compiled into one place!

Christmas is such a special time of the year for so many people, but for us as followers of Christ, it is about so much more than treasured family memories and presents under the tree (although I do love gift giving!)

For us who are in love with Jesus, we want to truly embrace the reason for Christmas, which is the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Over the past years, we have created so awesome resources to help you really celebrate Christmas with Jesus at the forefront of your heart and mind. That’s why we’re pointing you to all of our resources for Christmas in this post!

First of all, we compiled a two hour Christmas worship playlist that has been curated with true Christmas worship songs to God. It is a great playlist for Christmas morning to have playing in the background as everyone opens gifts, or at Christmas dinner, or to play as you decorate your house or wrap presents.

Also, with each song in the playlist, we have written an accompanying devotion based on the Christmas carol or worship song! To check it all out click here or to go to the master list of our 25 days of Christmas Carol devotions.

Additionally, if you are looking to fill your heart with the word of the Lord, we have 25 great pieces of Scripture about the birth of Christ and what it means for us. Read 25 Bible verses for Christmas.

Do you have Christmas cards you are planning on sending out? I love lettering Scripture and I have come up with some ideas for writing out Scripture on your cards or even good Scripture use as an inscription. Read 15 Christmas Verses For Cards.

Transform your gift-giving with this easy practical gift that can make any gift mean “even more.” Check it out here.

Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed during the holiday season? We have come up with a 5 step plan to help you have God’s peace with you and alleviate the stress of it all. Read 5 Steps to Keep God’s Peace During a Busy Holiday and let go of the worry about everything going right with this article on The Problem of Perfectionism.

And if you really want to make a special gift for a loved one, you should create for them a prayer box filled with prayers from your heart. It’s an unbelievable gift for kids, your spouse, or a a close loved one. To learn how to make a prayer box click here.

We hope this list of resources helps you have a memorable and Christ-centered celebration this month!

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