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What might happen in your relationship with Jesus if you spent the next couple weeks walking with Him to the Cross, reflecting, praying and intently focusing on His humble journey to sacrifice?

What might you glean from Jesus’ story for your own spiritual journey?

We are so glad you are thinking about signing up for this 2 week Christian Challenge – Journeying with Jesus to the Cross. We know that you are serious about your relationship with Jesus and have tremendous love for Him, and that’s why we made this Christian Challenge, which is all about focusing on the sacrifice and rejection Jesus experienced.

We encourage you to prepare your heart for this journey as you take the opportunity to walk with Jesus to the Cross and to the glorious Grave – we’re so glad you signed up for this!


So here’s a quick look at “The 2 Week Journey With Jesus Christian Challenge Guidebook” to give you an idea of what all of this really looks like.

For each day of the Challenge, the Challenge Guidebook will provide you with:

  • A Daily Scripture
  • Daily Guiding Questions – To help you really jump into the story
  • A Daily Worship Song – All of them you can easily listen to for free online
  • A Daily Prayer

We personally designed this guidebook with these daily features to help you center your mind, heart and actions on the Jesus’ path to the Cross.

Each day will provide Scriptures to read. Before reading the Scripture, we ask you to prepare your heart and mind to enter into the story. We want you to mentally visualize your presence in the story. This will help you better walk with Jesus to the Cross.

After you finish absorbing the scene from Scripture, you will have some questions for reflection. Spend sometime with these, really contemplating your answers. This again will help you with the overall Challenge.

Once you finish the reflections, you will have the opportunity to turn to God in worship. We provide you a song you can listen to by finding free online to listen. We really encourage you to spend a few minutes worshipping our King.

Finally, after worship you will have the opportunity to turn to Jesus in prayer. While a lot of people are methodical in their prayers (which is totally fine!) by praying only to God or the Father. We purposefully wrote these prayers to Jesus. Since this Challenge is all about connecting with Jesus and His road of suffering, we felt it was imperative we had you talk to Him in prayer. We base our freedom in prayer on Romans 8:26-27 and believe that by communing with Jesus this will help you better connect with Him on the Road.

Additionally, when you finish the 2 Week Challenge, there is an Exit Worksheet that will help you process the previous two weeks.

About This Christian Challenge:

In order to get your mind wrapped about this Challenge, begin by imagining you are a disciple of Jesus, one of His closest followers. It’s 2,000 years ago and you are in the Middle East following this man who has given you so much, and you are willing to go wherever He goes.

But in this Challenge, it’s the most difficult place that you are specifically asked to accompany Him next – the road to His death. Just imagine that Jesus asks you to walk with Him through His suffering and ultimately to His glory in the Grave.

Our hope for you in this Challenge is that you see:
1.) How much rejection Jesus faced while remaining stable in his identity and mission.
2.) How much Jesus can emphasize with you and your pain and rejection because He experienced so much of the same.


For this Christian Challenge, we will guide you through the Gospel of Matthew starting at chapter 13.

Why Chapter 13? It’s because this is the turning point of the Gospel, where Jesus’ message turns from being directed to large crowds to that His closest followers. And it’s in this ministry context that the reader begins to see Jesus’ direct road to the Cross. Through His predictions, actions and messages, Jesus prepared His followers for what’s was to come, His brutal death.

The Scriptures we chose are the poignant passages that propelled Jesus to the Cross. While you read these Scriptures, keep in mind how the passages furthered Jesus’ journey to the Cross. By stepping back and seeing the larger movement of Jesus throughout Matthew, you’ll start to see a fuller understanding of the events that led to His death.


Thank you for signing up and we wish you a great Challenge!

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