Spiritually Hungry Challenges provide you with the tools to focus on developing specific Godly attributes in your life.

Although many Challenges center around a specific time of year, you can take any of our Challenges whenever you see fit. All that’s needed to download any of the Challenges below is a working email account!

2020 Christian Challenge | Bible Study | Scripture Writing Plan | Bible Verses For Women

Our Current Challenge

Join our year long challenge to help you grow in “God’s Vision For Your Life. “

Each month has a new Scripture list and unique reflection questions and prayer prompts.

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The Reckless Love of God Challenge

Spend the next 28 days growing in your understanding of God’s love for you. Inspired by Reckless Love by Cory Asbury, this Challenge takes you on a journey of digging deeper into the true meaning of what God’s love looks like in your life.

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Make Space For God Challenge

Join this challenge where you will get a free pdf that has 31 individual worksheets to help you make more space in your life for God. Whether you are a seasoned Christian or a new believer this Challenge meets you where you are and helps you grow closer to God.

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Parables Of Jesus Challenge

31 days of reading and reflecting on Jesus’ parables. Some of the best wisdom and teachings are found in these stories. Free PDF guidebook with daily worksheets that are comprised of daily Scripture, reflection questions, and prayer prompts. Join the parables of Jesus Challenge for free today!

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God I Am Tired

Find yourself crying out “God I am tired?” I hear you and that’s why I created this Christian Challenge. For the next 5 days, you can get some much-needed rest in this free Challenge delivered straight to your email, it only takes a few minutes each day until you find yourself rested and refreshed in God’s love and peace.

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Fall Challenge

Do you long to be the Christian who can weather any storm and stay close and secure in God? Well, then this Fall Challenge is for you! We all can grow in our trust and dependency in God and with only a few minutes each day, you could become unshakable, deeply rooted in God. This Challenge has so much to it and a variety of bonuses, all are free. So go sign up today and grow deeper into your relationship with God this Fall!

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Resurrection Power Challenge

The free Resurrection Power Challenge provides you daily Scripture to write out and space for you to craft a unique prayer every day. Grow deeper in your understanding of the resurrection and the power, love, and grace God has for you.

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Gratitude Challenge

 Gratitude is a choice and lifestyle that opens up your life to more joy. Spend the next 30 days working on becoming grateful for all the things in your life!

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Psalms Challenge

Spend the summer months working on a Psalm a day in this Challenge. The Psalms Challenge is a free challenge that comes with a free pdf guide!

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30 Day Prayer Challenge

Intentionality in prayer and connection to God is the center of this Challenge, which will lead you through 30 days of prompts to widen your prayer focus. 

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Quiet time, Jesus, Christian Challenge, 30 Day Challenges

Discover new rhythms in your daily life with this 30 day Challenge.

Take The Quiet Time Challenge

30 Day Challenge, Christian Challenges, Discipleship

Three months of Challenges, centering on the very nature of our amazing God

Take The Summer Challenge

Prayer, 30 Day Challenge, Christian Challenges

Learn a new pattern to your daily prayer life with this Challenge you can take on any given day.

Take The One Day Challenge

Christian Challenges, 30 Day Challenge, Thankful

7 Day Challenge. Develop a thankful heartfor what God is providing in your life with this Challenge.

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Lent, 30 Day Challenge, Christian Challenges
We know that if you follow this Challenge every day,  you will find yourself prepared for Easter like never before!

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30 day challenge, Christian Challenges, Relationships
Challenge yourself to love like God by working through 1 Corinthians 13 while growing in your most important relationships.

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Want a better connection to God throughout your day, but can't ever seem to find the time? Relax, we got you covered. In this new free ebooklet, spirituallyhungry presents 5 simple prayer practices to help you grow closer to God in the midst of your busyness.Need a little time to yourself for once? This Retreat will have you doing your favorite things while focusing on rest and refueling.

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30 Day Challenge, Christian Challenges, Easter, Lent

This Challenge invites you to join Jesus during the key moments in His ministry that led to His death.

Take The Journey With Jesus Challenge

30 Day Challenge, Christian Challenges, New Years
Need a change, but you’re struggling to achieve your goals? Challenge yourself to depend on God’s strength and power to make real change!

Take The Resolution Challenge

Christmas, 30 Day Challenge, Christian Challenges
Christmas is busy and hectic, and it’s easy to lose sight of its meaning. Challenge yourself to focus on joy and keep your holiday spirits high!

Take The Joy Challenge

30 Day Challenge, Christian Challenges, Thanksgiving
Feeling like you need more depth in your life? Challenge yourself to a deeper understanding of gratitude and thankfulness.

Take The Thankfulness Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge
Are you looking for a jump start for your diet? In this 7-day weight loss Challenge, you will not only work on your weight loss goals, but also allow God to provide you His guidance, support, and love on your journey. Christian weight loss isn’t a quick fix, but it does have lasting change!

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Want a better connection to God throughout your day, but can't ever seem to find the time? Relax, we got you covered. In this new free ebooklet, spirituallyhungry presents 5 simple prayer practices to help you grow closer to God in the midst of your busyness.We’ve put together a collection of prayer practices that are great for daily life. A great supplement to any of our Challenges!

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Holiday Challenge
Are you looking to have a great holiday season? A fantastic Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s? In this free three month Challenge, you will get tons of great ideas and ways to connect to God every single day of the holiday season.

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What Does Your Life Need?

If you want to grow deeper in your faith, get out of your spiritual rut, and seriously jump on the trail of following Jesus – we think we can help.

Spiritually Hungry Challenges were developed because of our deep desire to help Christians develop Godly attributes in their life.

To do so, we’re hosting Challenges each month, focusing on helping you grown closer to God by taking on an attribute of His.

We’re also going to be adding one-day, three-day and week-long challenges you can take anytime – that will help you grow with God and think about what you’re doing to develop your connection to Jesus.

You can also join our Facebook group – Spiritually Hungry Challenges – to help you stay on track!

The goal of each Challenge is to take a set period of time to guide you through an intentional process of developing Christ-likeness in you.

Each Challenge is different, but all focus on providing you daily Scripture, prayer, thoughts and actions to take.

We don’t want you to only think about changing your life.

We challenge you to do something about it.

So What’s In A Challenge?

  • Prayer

    We’re already praying for you, and each Challenge provides prayer for you along the way.

  • Ideas

    We help you think about your life differently, day by day, step by step.

  • Actions

    We give you fun and engaging tasks that will help accomplish your spiritual goals.

  • Scripture

    We give you verses that center you around what God is trying to achieve in you.

  • Special Goodies

    Each Challenge is different, and we try to come up with unique assignments to stretch and grow you.

  • Printables

    We throw in quick-reference guides to print out for each Challenge, to keep you on track.

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