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The “Make Space For God” Challenge has ended. We are a “live ministry” website, and our Challenges are created for our community to experience together in real-time.

However, we’d love to have you join our current Challenge!

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Make Space For God Challenge

Everyone talks about needing to create more space in their life for God, right?

It seems like everyone understands the need for room for a deeper connection with God, and knows there is a lot of fruit to be gained from that practice.

The problem is…it seems like EVERYONE struggles to make space for God!

How many times have you heard pastors talk about their difficulties in creating more time in their life for God? Or maybe you’ve encountered friends or family who take their faith seriously, but admit that finding room in their life for a closer connection feels impossible.

Or perhaps you’re new in your faith, and you’re not sure what building a connection with Jesus looks like, or what value you might derive from it.

Again, everyone agrees making space for God is important – and everyone seems to struggle to understand what it might look like, or how to go about it.

Who Is This Challenge For?

Helping you create space and deepen your connection with God is why we created this Challenge.

For the seasoned Christian: this Challenge will help you overcome some of the barriers that get in your way of having an even deeper relationship and connection with God.

For the new believer, young in faith, or reestablished Christian: this Challenge will help you begin carving out intentional time for God to help you grow your relationship with Him.

When you sign up for the Make Space For God Challenge you will get all of this for free:

  • Daily Scripture
  • A Daily Devotion
  • Reflection Question
  • Daily Prayer Prompts

And on Fridays, we send you a freebie that corresponds with the Challenge! Freebies range from adult coloring sheets, to e-books, to worksheets, and more.

Make Space For God Challenge

How Much Time Does This Take?

Well it all depends on how much you want to put into it.

Simply reading each sheet/day only take a few minutes. But if you take into account writing out Scripture, reading reflection questions, reading additional Scripture for the day, and having time for prayer, expect to take, on average about 10 minutes per day to complete this Challenge.

Tens of thousands of people have taken our Challenges and we have seen people truly maximize their Challenge and create masterpieces both artistically and intellectually. See below for some examples:

Make Space For God Challenge
Creatively writing out Scripture is one way to utilize your Challenge. Picture courtesy of @diamondmariahschmitt
Make Space For God Challenge
And here’s an example of utilizing your Challenge in another way, by following Scripture references and digging deep into the Word. Picture courtesy of @hebeforeme

We believe that if you take this 31 Day Challenge and follow through with it, you’ll emerge with a greater understanding of the kind of personal life God wants for us, and how making space for Him is perhaps the most important thing you can do to grow your faith and step forward as the person God desires you to be.

Need More Convincing?

Here’s what people are saying who have taken a Challenge:

In case you’re new to Spiritually Hungry, we have thousands of people taking our Challenges each month! Here’s what some of them are saying:

“Love the Challenge! Because of my crazy busy schedule, I have trouble attending a traditional Bible study. This gives me the freedom to do it on my time with many more people.” – Lisa from Texas

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt God’s presence while doing a devotion. I’ve shed more tears feeling His presence during these short days than I have all year.” – D.K.

“I used to have the excuse I didn’t have the time but I have realized when I do this (Challenge) first the rest of my day flows so much better. And I always feel overwhelmed with where do I start – this (Challenge) takes that fear away.” – K.G.

“Sometimes ‘devotion time’ isn’t a peaceful, quiet, birds chirping, brooks bubbling, Disney Princess scene. Sometimes it’s stealing a brief moment on the floor surrounded by plastic food while a little one is distracted by stickers. I am so thankful for a God that meets me where I am, with the time I have.” – Grace from North Carolina

We hear back from so many people who share with us how our Challenges have helped them grow closer to God.

Whether you are a brand new Christian or a seasoned disciple, we’ve created our Challenges to meet you where you are.


Alexis and Aaron Waid are the creators of this Challenge. Both hold Master’s Degrees from the accredited and highly respected Denver Seminary.

In addition, Alexis and Aaron have held various ministry jobs spanning from co-pastors to youth ministers. They have been in church ministry for many, many years.

We hope you sign up and join the tens of thousands of others who have already taken our Challenges.

And if you are looking to go even deeper you should check out our women’s soul care + discipleship program.

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Make Space For God Challenge
Make Space For God Challenge
Forevergreen Women's Bible Study | Discipleship Program | Women's Ministry | Women's Bible Studies