Gratitude Quiz | How Thankful Are You?

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Gratitude Quiz

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with it comes the time of year where reflection on how much we’ve been given comes into focus. Thankfulness helps us see beyond ourselves and recognize the wonderful gifts that God and others have given us. A grateful heart can turn any situation, no matter how difficult, into an opportunity to focus instead … Read More

One Week Thankful Heart Challenge

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Thankfulness | Being Thankful For What You Have | Prayerful Thanks

  Join our Facebook group – Spiritually Hungry Challenges – and find support from us and others taking the Challenge! What would your life look like if you were more thankful for everything that you have? Gratitude and thankfulness are a wonderful, holy and wonderful attribute, that has the ability to change everything in your life. When you begin to … Read More

Thanksgiving Dinner Activity

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Thanksgiving | Dinner Discussion | Christian Practices

Imagine this scenario: It’s Thanksgiving Day and you’re wishing you had something to help you and your loved ones think and speak about what they are thankful for. Maybe you initiate the conversation as everyone is sitting at the dinner table, waiting to sink their teeth on the feast they have been waiting all day year for. Bravely, you ask,“What is everyone thankful for this … Read More

30 Thankful Prayers To Say Right Now

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Thankful Prayers

30 Thankful Prayers Are you looking for a more thankful heart? If so, we put together a list of 30 quick thankful prayers that you can use to help you become more thankful to God. We believe communing with God is a great honor and privilege. It also is a necessity for a Christian. Learning to become communicative with God … Read More

How To Make Thanksgiving More Christ-Centered

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Yearning for your Thanksgiving to be more? More centered around Christ? It's a wonderful goal and something you can start achieving right now, come along to find out how!

So you want to make this Thanksgiving better than ever! That’s great! I love it! But maybe you’re not quite sure how to get there…you’re not sure how to make it more meaningful. Well, I’m guessing that you wish the holidays would provide a deeper meaning. You want more good…no…GREAT memories. You love God and you want that love to … Read More