30 Thankful Prayers To Say Right Now

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Grow closer to God by praying in a thankful lens
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Alexis has a Master's degree from Denver Seminary and a Bachelor's degree from Colorado Christian University. She has been in professional ministry for over 15 years. She has served in ministry positions such as co-pastor, youth minister, and spiritual director.
She is a mom, wife, and passionate believer that Jesus changes everything.
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Are you looking for a more thankful heart?

If so, we put together a list of 30 quick prayers that you can use to help you become more thankful to God.

We believe communing with God is a great honor and privilege. It also is a necessity for a Christian. Learning to become communicative with God will help you grow closer to Him and allow His goodness and love shape your heart and life.

So here it is, Spiritually Hungry’s list of 30 thankful prayers.

Foster a more thankful heart right now!

  1. God, thanks so much for being stable, and for being a constant in my life. I am overwhelmed with your goodness and love for me. I ask today that I am mindful of how you created me and for the breath in my lungs. Thank you for creating me.
  2. Gracious God, may we see your greatness in every aspect of our life. The awesomeness of your presence can be seen in every avenue of life. Please help us to look more closely for the depths of your perfection and magnitude. Amen.
  3. All-knowing God, I thank you for the direction and guidance you’ve provided me in my life, and for increasing my wisdom as the years pass. I pray that I’ll continually see you as the source of all wisdom, and that I will continue to turn to You for help in understanding myself and the world around me. Amen
  4. Endlessly powerful God, I thank you so much that I can rely on the reality of your power and strength. When I feel helpless and vulnerable, Lord, let me turn to You and know that You are unintimidated by the threats I face, and that You go before me. Amen.
  5. Thank you God for offering to take my burdens. You are so good and loving, and you are a perfect parent. You care so deeply for me and You are concerned about my well-being. Thank you for stepping into my life and showing me the power and strength you possess and help me to turn to You always. Amen.
  6. Lord, Thank you for the other believers in my life. I ask that we draw closer to You together. Will you help our relationships grow deeper in transparency and love? I ask that we build each other up in Your name and can truly be Your hands and feet to each other and to the world. Amen.
  7. Jesus, merciful and generous King, thank you for introducing me to your Kingdom of Heaven, and allowing me to enter into a new land where you preside in this life here and now. Help me to seek your Kingdom in all places, and know that You are my refuge and greatest support. Amen.
  8. Jesus, I thank you so much for revealing the truth and fullness of God to all of us in the work you have done. Thank you for your ministry and teachings, and for establishing Your Church, which continues to this day. Help me to walk in your footsteps in my own life, and lead me to better understand what it means to be shaped in Your image. Amen.
  9. Dear God, I sincerely thank you that you are reliable in every way and at all times. The paths that I walk are often precarious and filled with dangers. Lord, help me to turn to you in the joy and the sorrow, during safety and precariousness. I pray that I will find the intentionality in my life to seek your direction no matter what happens. Amen.
  10. Endlessly Amazing God, I thank you for the unceasing love you have shown me throughout my life. You’ve loved me when I haven’t deserved it, and your compassion follows me everywhere I go. Help me to see your love as the defining characteristic of my life, and I pray that I’ll always be able to return to recognizing your love when I need it the most. Amen.
  11. God, Thank you so much for how You have revealed Yourself through the Word. Lord, if it were not for Your Word, I would not know You like I do. Thank you for interacting with and leading humanity to You. We would be very lost without Your work here on Earth. Thank you! Amen.
  12. Jesus,Your kingdom can be found in so many places all around me, but I often fail to see it, or abide within its boundaries. Lord, help me to see the fruit of your work and labor all around me, and to recognize that I live in a new kingdom where Heaven meets Earth. Amen.
  13. God, thank you for always being there for me, whether I realize it or not. Your love washes over me daily, hourly, and moment-by-moment. I am so fortunate to have you walking with me and loving me for Your goodness knows no bounds. Thank you for who You are! Amen.
  14. Gracious God, I am so thankful that you accept my prayers, and that You are willing to accept my gratitude. You have made yourself accessible through prayer, and despite all of my failings, you still look upon my love for you with joy and acceptance. Amen.
  15. God, Thank you for the work of Your people and thank you that Your followers become your hands, feet and mouth in this world. Without other Christians, I wouldn’t know you as well as I do, if at all. Thank you for the work of Your son, Jesus, who made this all possible. Amen.
  16. God, I am overwhelmed with the honor that I can come before you and speak to You. Not only do I communicate with You, but You always listen and guide me on the right path. Thank you for being so good to me. You truly are an amazing God! Amen.
  17. God, Thank you for being the powerful, source of strength in my life. Your power, protection and love are not lost on me. I do not know what my life would be like if you were not in it. Thank you for always being there! Amen.
  18. Always present and knowing God, I thank you so much that you are never far from me. You walk alongside me easily because you are always with me. I need to trust more fully that your presence dwells with me and watches over me, always looking out for my best interest. Amen.
  19. God, Thank you so much for your abundant, overwhelming love. That You would love me is simply astonishing. Thank you for looking at me with grace and love. Amen.
  20. God, Thank you so much for the saving work of Jesus Christ. He had an unbelievable task and I am so thankful for His hard work. The world is literally different because of His sacrifice. God, it is amazing what Jesus did. Not only did He die for my sins, He taught me what it is like to follow You and to live in Your love. Thank you Jesus! Amen.
  21. God, thank you for the gifts you bestow upon me. Lord, I am especially thankful for the gift of peace. I know that when you reign in my heart, a stillness comes over me. Peace can only come from You. I desperately need to live in Your peace; help me to have the ability to do so. Amen.
  22. Dear God, I have given up many things in many life, and I know that there are many more things that I’ll lose. I pray that you will help me to see how the sacrifices in my life are leading to greater wisdom, and may I always be open to your work in my life. Enable me to see joy in the things that I must give up to follow you. Amen.
  23. Holy, holy, holy are you God, thank you for just who You are! You’re awesomeness and power are overwhelming. Thank you for your creation as well. Thank you for creating me, fellow humans, and the world. Your beautiful work is everywhere I look, from the mountains to people’s actions. Your design is simply breathtaking. Thank you! Amen
  24. Jesus, In your final meal on Earth, you asked us to remember you through the act of communion. I thank you for the opportunity to celebrate your work of salvation through communion, and pray that I will more fully recognize the specialness of this ceremony and truly use it as an opportunity to reflect on your sacrifice. Most of all, may I remember you today and all the power and love you offer. Please help me to embrace who You truly are and what you are doing for me and the world. Amen.
  25. God, thank you for the ways you have moved in my life. Thank you for being there with me through the toughest times and the most joyous moments. Thank you that I can look back and see just how you led me through. Help me to see you clearly in present situations as well. Thank you for being so reliable. Amen.
  26. God, thank you so much that we live in a place where by saying your name doesn’t put our life at risk. Lord, help us to remember how many religious freedoms we do have. Thank you that we can speak freely of your good Name and works. Amen. *Special note to all those who may be reading in places where Christian persecution occurs. I you today and pray for strength and the power of Christ to overcome you, like it did for Paul and the other disciples.
  27. God, thank you for being real, not some myth or story, but real and alive. Thank you so much for being who You say You are and that You are so dependable and good, thank you! Amen.
  28. God, thanks so much for listening to my concerns and requests. I am so grateful that I can ask You to help my loved ones. I am thankful that You are not only concerned with me, but others as well. It’s an amazing privilege to be able to bring people who need Your help to Your throne and I thank you for these opportunities! Amen.
  29. God, thank you for the ability to worship. Worship connects me with You. It also helps me express what’s deep down in my heart. I feel an immense release when I get to sing to You for it renews me. Unbelievable God, you are so good to me and to us, and your gift of worship is evidence of your goodness. Amen.
  30. My God, thank you, thank you, thank you for You. Thank you that You have always been and You will always be. Nothing can shake You and nothing can move You. You are unstoppable and You will reign forever! Your Kingdom is grand and I am so fortunate to be part of it, thank you.

May you richly experience the power and love of God as you turn to Him in Thanksgiving. We pray that your relationship with Him grows and your heart becomes even more thankful to God! Let that thankfulness pour out into all you encounter in the world as you spread God’s light. Amen.

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Thanks for reading and we would love to hear about how these prayers affected you! Please feel free to comment below.

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