November Challenge: 30 Days of Thanks

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Thanksgiving Challenge
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Alexis has a Master's degree from Denver Seminary and a Bachelor's degree from Colorado Christian University. She has been in professional ministry for over 15 years. She has served in ministry positions such as co-pastor, youth minister, and spiritual director.
She is a mom, wife, and passionate believer that Jesus changes everything.
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Welcome to Spiritually Hungry’s 30 Day Thanks Challenge.

If you want to be more thankful for what God has given you – this is the Challenge for you!

Thanksgiving Challenge

In order to help you out, we’re providing you each day with Scripture, prayer prompts, and reflection questions. Occasionally, there will also be a worship song to accompany a day.

Every Friday we give out another freebie for Freebie Fridays! Usually, it is another downloadable like a worksheet, workbook, coloring page, and so forth!

We want to help you have a month that is filled with gratitude, and we provide the resources to help accomplish this Challenge!

Finally, we have for you a special Thanksgiving Day Activity, designed to help your loved ones express their thanks in a very non-threatening, zero-embarrassment way! Our aim is to help you make Thanksgiving Day Christ-centered. It’s a great activity that will be easy to implement.

Christians often tell us they wish their holidays could be centered on more than just sharing a meal together, but they just aren’t sure how to do so. That’s how we’d like to help!

In our experience, the spiritual discipline of thankfulness opens hearts to receive more from the Lord, and in turn, give back to this world that is so desperate for Jesus.

When you take time, to consciously tune your heart to an attribute, such as thanks, you will be surprised how your eyes change. We hope that this challenge brings you closer to God and more like Jesus.

We need to intentionally create space in our life for God.

Thanksgiving Challenge

It’s incredibly easy to put our relationship with God on the backburner when there are so many other obligations in our life. In our home, we have two children under the age of 3 and, of course, that means a lot of daily obligations, routines, and schedules. Even when things go perfectly and everyone naps, eats and plays on schedule and without a hitch, it’s always a tight, busy day. And, when the schedule doesn’t work (especially napping!), well…it’s easy to feel like we’re just trying to survive the day!

That’s why we create the Challenges to be both fun and quick to do. On most days, you should be able to finish the Challenge in around 5 minutes – which doesn’t seem like a lot of time. But, over the course of the month, that’s 2 1/2 hours.

Can you imagine taking a 2 1/2 hour workshop on thankfulness? You’d probably expect some serious results from such an intensive excursion, right? Well, that’s what we’re presenting you with, except we’re breaking it down into 5 minutes a day sections that you can manage with your schedule.

Of course, November is right before December, and we hope to help you prepare your heart and mind for the advent of our Lord. By signing up for this Challenge, you’ll also receive all of our Advent and Christmas resources automatically – and of course, all 100% free.

The Challenge has been updated for this year and will not be available until the end of October. Sign up today and you will receive the Challenge in your email box at the end of October.

Can you maintain a grateful attitude for EVERY day of November? In this freebee bundle, we're providing you a guidebook with daily Scripture readings, prayers and thankfulness challenges. In addition, a special Thanksgiving family activity, printables included!

So how does this Challenge work?

You will receive a free guidebook that will provide you with:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Reflection Questions
  • Prayer Prompts
  • Thankfulness Prompts (ideas for more ways to have more thankfulness in your life)
  • Bonuses along the way, including worship songs, and other free resources.

Plus, every Friday is Freebie Friday – You’ll get access to the freshest resources to help you with your Challenge. In the past, we’ve published workbooks, ebooks, coloring sheets, and other resources to help you get the most out of your Challenge.

So while preparing for the holidays, prepare your heart and soul through challenging yourself to 30 Days of Thankfulness!

In order to sign up, you simply need a valid email. 

Enter your email address in the box below and check your email, maybe even your spam folder. 

Once you receive the email, open it and click to confirm.

This will lead you to the page to download your Challenge (If it is before October 30th, you will receive the link to download the Challenge on the 30th of October).

*Upon confirming you will be signed up to our email list which notifies you about all of our new content, all of which is designed to help you grow closer to God. We will never sell, share or abuse your email.

Thanksgiving Challenge

A great resource to accompany this Challenge is a coloring book from Adele Ahlberg Calhoun. She is a great author and awesome contributor to the Christian spiritual practices field. I love her stuff!

Click the book cover image below to check it out on Amazon!

Can you maintain a grateful attitude for EVERY day of November? In this freebee bundle, we're providing you a guidebook with daily Scripture readings, prayers and thankfulness challenges. In addition, a special Thanksgiving family activity, printables included!

*This post contains an affiliate link

Thanksgiving Challenge