20 Great Heartfelt Christian Gift Ideas

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20 Unique Heartfelt Gift Ideas

I’m all about making things! I think gifts from the heart are extra special and rare in this world. I know not everyone is a crafter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make something super special and meaningful for the people you care about most. When you receive a heartfelt gift, doesn’t it just hit you in the most wonderful … Read More

“Unto Us” Christmas Devotional

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December 8 “Unto Us” by Matthew West Who are we that a King would trade Heaven’s riches For a stable and a manager low Can it be, Great I am bending down to reach us Morning star, let this dark world know Here is our promised one Jesus, our hope has come Unto us, unto us A child is born … Read More

How To Make A Prayer Box For A Gift

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Prayer Box

So you have an occasion coming up that calls for a gift? Maybe it’s Christmas, a baptism, graduation, or perhaps a wedding. You would love to give something that is Christian, but all you can think of is a Bible, Christian symbolic gift like a cross or a devotional. You would like to give something different than the “traditional” Christian … Read More

How to Make Any Gift Spiritual

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Make every gift more meaningful with this practice!

So what’s the number one way to make any gift spiritual? I’ll make this short and sweet, because this is so easy that there doesn’t need much build up or explanation. The number one way to make any gift spiritual is to saturate it in prayer. Everything that goes into your present: shopping, wrapping, giving – all can all be immersed in prayer. … Read More