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So sorry this Challenge has ended. We are a “live ministry” website, and our Challenges are created for our community to experience together in real-time.

However, we’d love to have you join our current Challenge!

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For the next three months we invite you to go on a journey reading a different Psalm and reflecting on its meaning in your life.

Psalms are beautiful and wonderful expressions of the heart. They are words for life’s journey both the agony and the joy our experiences bring.

Psalms also give us insight on how to pray for so many of us have such a difficult time being transparent with God.

It’s not because we don’t want to, it’s because we sometimes feel ashamed or view God as too holy to approach with our honest and raw feelings.

By looking to the Psalms we can gain confidence that God is capable and willing to meet us where we are, just like Jesus coming to this world while we were still sinners (Romans 5:8).

And even if you don’t struggle with being raw with God in your prayer life, challenging yourself to read a Psalm a day for 3 months will only enhance your relationship with Him, for when we intentionally seek God, He will be found and we will be changed.

Psalms Challenge

Who Is This Challenge For?

Helping you grow closer to God through the Psalms is why we created this Challenge.

For the seasoned Christian: this Challenge will help you connect deeper with God as you daily focus on a different Psalm. The possibilities of what God can do in your life through this intentionality are limitless!

For the new believer, young in faith, or reestablished Christian: this Challenge will help you begin carving out intentional time for God to help you grow your relationship with Him.

Components Of The Psalms Challenge

Every day is a challenge in of itself. Each day has this same break down:

Scripture from a the Psalm for the day.

A place to write out the Scripture.

A reference to the Psalm for you to look up and read entirely. Most of the Psalms were longer than we could quote. We decided it would be best if you read the extended Scripture in your own Bible or online.

After you are done reading the full text for the day, we will ask you a reflection question.

And finally, we provide you a unique prayer prompt every day to take all of your studying and reflection and place it in the Lord’s arms. We also provide you a spot for you to write out your prayer each day if you would like.

Psalms Challenge

How Much Time Does This Take?

Well, it all depends on how much you want to put into it.

Simply reading each sheet/day only take a few minutes. But if you take into account writing out Scripture, reading reflection questions, reading the entire Psalm, and having time for prayer, expect to take, on average about 10 minutes per day to complete this Challenge.

Tens of thousands of people have taken our Challenges and we have seen people truly maximize their Challenge and create masterpieces both artistically and intellectually.

Need More Convincing?

Here’s what people are saying who have taken a Challenge:

In case you’re new to Spiritually Hungry, we have thousands of people taking our Challenges each month! Here’s what some of them are saying:

“Love the Challenge! Because of my crazy busy schedule, I have trouble attending a traditional Bible study. This gives me the freedom to do it on my time with many more people.” – Lisa from Texas

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt God’s presence while doing a devotion. I’ve shed more tears feeling His presence during these short days than I have all year.” – D.K.

“I used to have the excuse I didn’t have the time but I have realized when I do this (Challenge) first the rest of my day flows so much better. And I always feel overwhelmed with where do I start – this (Challenge) takes that fear away.” – K.G.

“Sometimes ‘devotion time’ isn’t a peaceful, quiet, birds chirping, brooks bubbling, Disney Princess scene. Sometimes it’s stealing a brief moment on the floor surrounded by plastic food while a little one is distracted by stickers. I am so thankful for a God that meets me where I am, with the time I have.” – Grace from North Carolina

We hear back from so many people who share with us how our Challenges have helped them grow closer to God.

Whether you are a brand new Christian or a seasoned disciple, we’ve created our Challenges to meet you where you are.


Alexis and Aaron Waid are the creators of this Challenge. Both hold Master’s Degrees from the accredited and highly respected Denver Seminary.

In addition, Alexis and Aaron have held various ministry jobs spanning from co-pastors to youth ministers. They have been in church ministry for many, many years.

We hope you sign up and join the tens of thousands of others who have already taken our Challenges.

And if you want to take your faith deeper you should really check out our women’s soul care + discipleship program.

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Psalms Challenge
Psalms Challenge
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