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Prayer For Healing

Before we start, we have another resource to go along with prayer for healing that you might find helpful, 20 Bible Verses For Healing. You don’t want to miss that article and it also has beautiful Scripture graphics, you can find the article here.

This prayer for healing post was especially emotional for me. Anytime I’m working on a prayer post, I always try to place myself in the shoes of the person I’m writing for and write prayers for the perspective of their circumstances. However, as I began writing this list of prayer for healing, I knew that it wouldn’t be hard to relate to these prayers. 

Instead, I found myself whisked back to the summer of 2017 when I received the worst news of my life. At 18 weeks pregnant, I was told that my unborn baby was dying inside of me.

The list of things wrong with my beloved unborn baby was inconceivably long, and the multiple doctors we visited said there was practically no chance that my little girl, Lucy, would survive. 

I was defeated and broken. 

But this wasn’t the first time I faced something like this. 

In 2011, I became pregnant with my first child, and within 6 weeks, my little precious baby had died on Christmas Day. My husband and I were torn and broken, but after some time, and a lot of prayer and conversation, we decided to try again about 6 months later. 

That pregnancy, my second, was going along fine, other than the nervousness we both felt every single day. We were so scared that I would miscarry again and lose another precious life. 

That fear came true. Around 11 weeks the bleeding began. I remember sitting on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night, crying out to Jesus, begging Him to save my baby’s life. Although immensely painful, that night was also a sacred moment. I felt extremely close to Jesus even as my body was losing the baby who had died. 

God didn’t save either of those lives. I cannot speak to why He didn’t save their lives, but I can speak to the love and compassion I felt from Jesus. 

We didn’t try to get pregnant again for several years. We didn’t even speak about it much. We were so broken over these precious losses. 

My third pregnancy in 2015 was a healthy one, and now I have a toddler (Rhett) running around me as I type this post. 

A year after Rhett was born, we decided that we wanted to try to have one more child. Even with one happy baby at home, we still knew the risks involved. But we decided that whatever happens is what happens, and realized that anything was possible. 

We certainly didn’t dream at the time that this pregnancy would result in a baby barely clinging to life, fighting impossible odds to make it into this world.

For years, I’d had on my heart a little girl named Lucy. As soon as I found out my fourth baby was a girl, I named her immediately and felt like the luckiest person in the world. My Lucy was created and I was going to be her mom!

So you can imagine what it was like when we went in for our 18 week ultrasound, and found out our precious Lucy had so much working against her. You can read her whole story here: Lucy’s Story A Turner Syndrome Baby

I share all of this because it is important for you to know that these prayers are written out of that experience. The place where I was a year ago, when there was no hope, and no one believed Lucy would live. 

At the time, pregnant with a child diagnosed as dying within me, I was scared to pray to God for healing, because quite honestly, I wasn’t so sure Jesus healed in that miraculous way anymore. I knew He did while He was on this earth, but in my experience with my other losses, there was no physical healing. And of course, I understand that one day we will be reunited and that day will be glorious! 

But as time passed on the journey of carrying Lucy inside of me, I felt God calling me to pray for her life. I was terrified to put my trust in this calling to prayer and letting go. 

Prayer For Healing

So these prayers come out of that place, the place where there is no hope in anything other than God.

Really all of our days should be lived in this reality, that God is our only hope in all things. 

I hope these prayers help you find the words stirring in your heart over whatever ails you. 

Prayer For Healing


Prayer For Healing

God, I come to you and ask for your divine healing. I need a miracle. I need healing. I beg You, please. Lord, hear me and deliver. Amen.



Prayer For Healing

Lord, You are the God of impossible things, and what I face is unimaginable. However, nothing is impossible with You. I call upon Your power and love in this impossible situation. I claim a victory in Your name. Amen.



Prayer For Healing

God, I need a miracle. Please, see me like You saw the people You helped while You were on this earth. I need your compassion. I need you to save me from this. Please Lord come. Amen.



Prayer For Healing

God, I’m scared to believe that you would heal me. What if I put my trust in You and You don’t provide, you don’t heal? What happens then? God, I feel so lost and sacred. I have no options, I need You and I desperately need healing. Please God, be kind to me. Amen. 



Prayer For Healing

Lord, I don’t know how I can keep weathering this storm. I need healing to come. I need You to shine your light, love, and power into this hurricane I find myself in. Can you please just put a stop to all of this? I am desperate for a different outcome. Amen. 


Prayer For Healing



Prayer For Healing

In Jesus’ name I claim victory. Amen.



Prayer For Healing

God, there is so much Scripture that points to Your healing. I feel encouraged when I read these verses, but also confused, because my healing hasn’t come. Why hasn’t it come? Why won’t You save me from this? Please answer me, help me understand this path I am on, because it makes no sense to me. Amen. 



Prayer For Healing


God, come to my Rescue. Amen.



Prayer For Healing

God,  I ask, if the healing doesn’t come, please help me to accept it. Help me to run to You, instead of from You. You are the source of life, You are the source of everything. Help me to see Your good in all of this. Amen. 



Prayer For Healing

God, You are unstoppable and limitless. I come to You seeking your strength and power in my life. I need divine healing. Come Master Physician to my side and please heal me. Amen.


Prayer For Healing



Prayer For Healing

Jesus, You healed so many that merely reached out to You, I ask that You heal me like You healed those You encountered in Your earthly ministry. I need that compassion Savior, please come and heal me. Bring Your power to my life. Amen.



Prayer For Healing

God, nothing is impossible for You, I know this and believe this. I need You to come and do the impossible in this situation right now. Please hear my plea. Amen. 



Prayer For Healing

God, help me to want You more than I want Your gift of healing. Amen. 



Prayer For Healing

God, should you say no to this healing, I desperately ask that I understand why and I find Your peace and comfort in this decision. I know You can heal, but will You? Allow me to find my grounding in You and nothing but You. Amen. 



Prayer For Healing

Jesus, can you please bring your Divine healing into this situation. Can You please see me and hear my cries? I need You, only You can help. Please help. Amen. 


Prayer For Healing



Prayer For Healing

God, I pray Your Spirit washes over me and that your healing would divide my fear. I pray that Jesus’ compassion be seen in this healing. I ask you, as my Father and protector, to comfort me and bring me to a place of new health. Amen.



Prayer For Healing

Lord, there is nothing I’m able to do, and nothing no human can do, to make me better. All options have been exhausted, all treatments expended, and there is nowhere else to turn but You. Amen. 



Prayer For Healing

God, I’ve never been on a path so precarious and concerning. I don’t know if I’ll make it to the other side alive, but I will make it with you. Amen.



Prayer For Healing

God, I’m so preoccupied with my own healing that I forget that worship should be at the center of my recovery. I’m so busy talking with everyone else about my health that I fail to realize I should be talking you more than anyone. I commit myself to prayer and pray you’ll help me abide. Amen.



Prayer For Healing

Lord, a time is coming when I will no longer live in this world, but I have more to do, more to say, more to love. God, I pray that you will equip me with healing to do your work and never forget your movement in my life. Amen.



Prayer For Healing

Jesus, I know that the power to heal resides with you. I don’t understand why my healing hasn’t happened, but I continue to trust you and will never leave your side, no matter what. I don’t follow you because you can heal me, Jesus. I follow you because you have already healed me from a lost future. Every day is yours. Amen.


22.Prayer For Healing

God, I know that I may never return to full health, but you will restore me for eternity. I look forward to a time of no more pain and sorrow, and I thank you for guiding me through the challenges of this life. Amen.


Prayer For Healing

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