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In yesterday’s challenge, we reflected on the way others have shone Christ’s light to us.

You may have already guessed what we are going to do today for our external, or “going out”, challenge.

Your Day 6 Challenge is to reach out to someone you may have lost connection with and express your feelings for them.

I know this might sound a little scary for some people. You enter into a vulnerable space by just dropping unexpectedly into a person’s life that you have lost connection with, whether you choose to text them, send a personal message through social media, email, or even call them.

Even if it feels scary or vulnerable, remember this challenge is a response to being called to be the light in the world.

Whether the person you reach out to responds is not up to you, nor should you regret reaching out even if they don’t answer. Most people will respond, joyfully so – but I just want to cautiously point out that there are some people who may not respond for a variety of reasons.

We represent the light of the world because God has called us to it, to extend love, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, joy, peace, patience, and self-control into the world.

We do not do this because of what we get out of it or how it makes us feel, such as a gleeful response from someone we’ve lost touch with. Rather we do this because we are on a mission to share with others the goodness and love God continually pours into us.

So there it is. That’s today’s challenge. There’s no downloadable worksheet for today. All I want you to do is spend some time speaking with the Lord about reaching out to someone you’ve lost touch with and sharing with them why they are important to you. Ask God to work through you to spread unexpected joy and love to a lost connection in your life.