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There is a PDF printable available for download at the end of this post that will help you complete today’s Day 5 Challenge. However, be sure to read the entire post for direction and inspiration to help you complete this Challenge!

If you’ve been following the Be The Light Challenge, you’ve no doubt seen the pattern that we will be following – internal, personally focused challenges followed by an external, focused-on-others challenge. As we’ve written over the past few days, it isn’t our light alone that we’re shining, but rather Christ in us. That’s why we begin each set of challenges by first looking inwardly and spending time with God before taking a step outward to share that light with others.

The Be The Light Challenge is not about “doing good deeds” – it’s about taking the blessing of God’s presence with you and translating your experience into love and care for other people.

With all of that in mind, we begin Day 5 of the Be The Light Challenge with another “internal Challenge,” which will help prepare you for the Day 6 Challenge when you’ll take the reflection and experience of today and share it outwardly with others.

Your Day 5 Challenge is to spend time reflecting and processing how God has used other people to share Christ’s light in your own life.

Again, there is a printable that will enable you to process this Challenge, so be sure to grab it by clicking the button at the bottom of this post.

Essentially, in this Challenge you will be asked to think of one or two people that God has used to share His light with you in the past. I want you to think about someone that very clearly and obviously stepped into your life with love, kindness, compassion, and joy, sharing outwardly with you the light Christ placed within them. Take a moment and really think through instances of Christ’s light reaching you through someone else and take a moment to dwell on that experience.

Who were they (and of course, it could be anyone, family, friend, complete stranger, fellow church member, etc)? What is their own faith like? How did you happen to encounter them when they decided to share this light with you? What were your own circumstances at the time?

Furthermore, you should also spend time reflecting on how the timing played out in your own life. Quite often we run into someone who brightens our life through Christ’s light at a time when we really needed the encouragement and love. So what was the timing like in your memory? How did you need to hear or experience what they had to say or shared? How did it help change the situation you were in?

Finally, I also want you to reflect on how you changed as a result of this experience. Did your relationship with that person grow or increase because of their willingness to be the light of Christ to you? Were you strengthen or encouraged to continue on through a tough situation because of what they shared? Were you inspired to share the light with someone else as a result of their own willingness to step up to the task of being the light to you?

These are the questions that are important for completing tomorrow’s Day 6 Challenge, so be sure to take some time to process through this experience.

Prayerfully Seek God As You Reflect

Thank God for your memory of this moment and talk to Him about what it meant to you. Thank Him for the way He lifts and builds up people like yourself through the love and encouragement of others. Ask God to show you further how your life has been enriched by this experience and how it changed you in ways that have led you closer to God and enabled you to better serve others.

The culmination of your efforts during this Day 5 Challenge will directly lead to what you’ll be asked to do tomorrow, so take the time to process clearly and prayerfully and know that the work you are doing today on this Challenge is going to directly lead to steps you can take in Day 6 to share the Light with someone else.