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Types Of Prayer
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Alexis has a Master's degree from Denver Seminary and a Bachelor's degree from Colorado Christian University. She has been in professional ministry for over 15 years. She has served in ministry positions such as co-pastor, youth minister, and spiritual director.
She is a mom, wife, and passionate believer that Jesus changes everything.
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8 Unique Types Of Prayer

Types Of Prayer

How many types of prayer do you incorporate into your everyday practice of faith? Do you have a variety of methods for approaching prayer, or do you find the same types of prayer keep occurring over and over in your routine?

Are you interested in learning about different types of prayer, and how you might be able to grow in your faith and connection to God with a fresh approach to prayer? If so, GREAT, because we have an awesome and completely free resource to help you discover different types of prayer that might fit your life.

Just submit your best email in the sign-up box at the bottom of this post to receive our free ebook, “Prayer Practices,” which will guide you through 8 different types of prayer to consider as you seek to develop and grow your prayer life.

Types Of Prayer

Why Should You Consider Different Types Of Prayer For Your Life?

I’m sure we all know people that we just don’t have anything new to discuss when we see them. Maybe it’s someone you know from church, who you always have the same conversation with about the weather each Sunday. Or maybe it’s a distant relative who tells the same old story about your childhood when you see them. Perhaps it’s a co-worker who makes the same bad joke week after week.

Anytime we run out of new things to talk about, relationships grow stagnant and lose the vibrancy that they might have once had. We even find ourselves avoiding having those repetitive conversations with those people, knowing that nothing new or valuable will come from such a discussion.

So…what does that say about our relationship with God if we’re always praying the same exact thing or in the same way?

Types Of Prayer

If God is going to be the most important relationship in your life, don’t you need to invest in your communication with Him? In order to grow in your connection, shouldn’t you find new ways to express yourself to God with more authenticity, love, and praise?

I mean, wouldn’t it just be great to sit down face to face with Jesus and just chat? Oh, how I long for that! It would be sooooo much easier, right? It would feel like a “real relationship.” It’s not that we don’t have a real relationship with Jesus, but there is something about talking to a person face to face, right?

Well, until that day comes when we can talk to Jesus like that – we must wait… or do we?

Did you know that the most popular prayer practice is inner silent prayer?

Of course, praying aloud in a group or with another person is also very common. But did you know those are not the only ways to pray? In actuality, there are loads of different ways to connect to God through prayer. We are all created uniquely and we all communicate and connect to others differently. So if that is true, then why would we all only ascribe to the same exact way of connecting to God?

Well, we don’t have to.

Our relationship with God is the most important thing in our lives. The fact that God resides in us through the Holy Spirit is an unbelievable privilege. And it is vital we find ways to connect to God to grow and foster our relationship. And that is why we created this awesome and totally free ebook filled with 8 unique prayer practices. It’s a workbook to help you process and implement some of these practices to help you grow your relationship with God.

That’s exactly why we want to help introduce you to different types of prayer, some of which may become favorite new ways to develop your relationship with God. We believe that this free ebook can serve as a jumping out point for developing new ways in your life to pray, connect with God, and find a greater level of closeness with God.

God is always ready and willing to communicate with us! God is never too busy or disconnected to listen to His children. If we feel like God isn’t available or listening to us – the problem lies with us, but God is always ready and willing to welcome us back into a deep bond with Him.

Types Of Prayer

Prayer is one of the primary ways we join ourselves with God and allow Him to work in our soul. In His earthly ministry, Jesus was devoted to the disciplined practice of prayer, and we’re called to the same model in our own lives.

Again, this ebook to guide you through different types of prayer is completely free and you can sign up to receive it below.

After submitting your best email address, you’ll receive an email from us within a few minutes to confirm and take you to a download page.

We hope you spend some time with this ebook and encourage you to see how you might incorporate a few of these different types of prayer into your own faith routines.

Types Of Prayer

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This resource was originally created for our Unshakable Faith Challenge. If you are interested in joining for free, click here for Spiritually Hungry’s Unshakable Faith Challenge. 

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Types Of Prayer