Short Prayers

Below you'll find many different prayer topics. In each post, there are up to 30 short prayers focused on various issues, such as prayer for strength, prayers for anxiety, prayer for weight loss, and many more.

We created these resources because we've found written prayers to be valuable resources for people traversing a difficult time

We both take prayer very seriously. because we believe prayer changes things - particularly us. In our professional church ministry jobs, we have seen the impact of writing prayers for people when they are in the hospital, suffering a loss, or even celebrating a new life or a birthday.

Prayer is essential. It is our lifeblood and we can never pray enough. That's why we created all of these short prayers for you.

Scan over the list and see which ones might be helpful for you today. Share them with friends and family that need the encouragement.

Pin or bookmark this page and comeback in the future if you for more resources of prayer.

And if you don't see a topic covered that you need, let us know and we just may create a batch for you and others to use!

Prayer For Strength

Do you need prayer for strength? God’s strength is amazing, overwhelming, and all-powerful. Often we do not know how to access that power, but it is simple, it is through relentless prayer. Coming to God over and over again seeking His love, presence, and power. We provide you with 30 premade prayer for strength can be found right in this post!

Prayers for Strength

Prayer For Weight Loss

Prayer for weight loss is an essential tool. Turning to God in prayer equips us and sustains us through His power and love. We created 21 unique prayers for you to say right now, to seek God’s guidance, power and most importantly love for you. Equip your weight loss journey with these easily accessible prayers!

Prayer For Weight Loss

Prayer For Guidance

Are you seeking prayer for guidance and wisdom in your life? Well if so, we have a great list of 30 quick prayers, right in the post, that you can utilize to help you glean God’s guidance.

Prayers For God’s Guidance

Prayers For A Bad Day

Everyone has a bad day. As such, we have created 30 prayers for a bad day to help you get your eyes set on God, reclaim the day, and move away from the circumstances that have overtaken your day.

Prayers For A Bad Day

Prayers For FinancesAre you having money problems? Are things tight or strained? God is always the solutions to all of our problems. We designed these prayers for you to be able to take your concerns and worry to God. 21 prayers for finances will help you seek God’s guidance and wisdom with your money problems.

Prayer For Money Problems

Prayers For A Strong MarriageA great tool for any marriage is prayer. We all need Jesus and so do our marriages. Here are 30 prayers for a strong marriage, right in the post, to help you with your marriage at any stage.

Prayer For A Rock Solid Marriage

Prayer For Kids BehaviorWhat do you do when your home is crazy and your kids won’t listen? That’s when it’s important to say a quick prayer and align your heart with God’s peace, strength, and love. Prayer for kids behavior can help ground you and find your strength in Jesus. Here are 30 quick prayers to say in the midst of chaos to help regain your focus and your strength.

Prayer For Kids Behavior

Prayers For A Newborn Baby

Whether you are a new mom or dad or seasoned parents, these 21 prayers for a newborn baby are written for you from a mom and dad of two kids. Prayer for family is so important and praying for your baby will only enable you to love and parent them better.

Prayer For A Newborn Baby

Prayer For My Husband
Prayer for my husband is something that we should always be doing as it helps us to see our husband with fresh eyes. Keep your marriage on track and your appreciation for your hubby in check with these prayers. Prayer for family is always a very good thing!

Prayers To Say For Your Husband

Prayer For Change

Are you looking for a change? Maybe it’s behavioral or trying to change a bad habit. Whatever you are trying to change, prayer for change will only help aid you on your journey towards a different life. Try these 30 short prayers that were created to help you turn to God for change.

Prayer For Change

Prayer For Anxiety

Prayer for anxiety is an essential tool in your box to help you fight the awful feelings of worry and stress. In this post, we provide you with 30 prayers for anxiety that will help you to turn to God in your time of need. We pray that these prayers help you unload your burden into God’s good and loving arms.

Prayer For Anxiety

Prayers For Encouragement

We all need prayers for encouragement from time to time. As this world can be really tough, refuel and renew your self in the endless power and love of Jesus in these ready to say prayers for encouragement.

Prayer For Encouragement