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This hilarious game combines quick reaction times, concentration, and “no laughing or you’re out” gameplay. Of course, any game that demands “no laughing” is inevitably going to result in even MORE laughing, right?

The great thing about this game is that a group of youth can be assembled to play it in no time, and very little explanation is needed. That means Zip Bong is great for tight time constraints, or as a backup-game in case your primary game or activity ends earlier than expected and you still have more time to spend!

So, with that said, let’s dive into the rules and instructions, as well as a few ideas for how to make Zip Bong a fun addition to your group.

Zip Bong Game Rules and Instructions

Number of Participants – 3 minimum – no maximum.
Materials and Equipment – None
Can Be Modified For Social Distancing

Zip and Bong Game Instructions and Rules (Read Aloud To Group)

Form a circle, standing closely together. Pick a player to begin. The first player says “Zip” or “Bong.” If they say “Zip, the turn passes to the player at their left. If they say “Bong” it passes to the player to their right. The next player must respond quickly, within a second, by saying “Zip” or “Bong” to pass the turn. If you don’t respond within a second when it’s your turn, you’re out. Also, if you speak out of turn or laugh, you’re out. Only the player whose turn it is may speak, and they can only say “Zip” or “Bong.”

The game continues until there are only two players left – both of whom will be declared the winners.

Zip Bong Gameplay

In this game, saying “Zip” passes the turn to the player to the left, while saying “Bong” passes the turn to the right. The objective of the game is to eliminate players who speak out of turn or take too long to respond.

Players form a circle or stand/sit closely together. A player is chosen to initiate the gameplay. The first player says “Zip” or “Bong” which passes the turn to the player to their left or right. This second player has the opportunity then to say “Zip” or “Bong,” passing the turn to the player on their left or right.

Players are eliminated from the circle when they laugh or speak out of turn. For example, if Player A says “Zip” passing the turn to Player B on their left, but Player C instead speaks or laughs, mistakenly believing it’s their turn, then Player C is out of the game. Players A and B then close the gap between one another and Player B begins the round again by saying either “Zip” or “Bong”

A player is also eliminated when they take too long to respond, usually around a second. Having an objective judge for the game (such as an adult) can help with elimination decisions.

Fun Game Modification

Change The Words

You can use any words that you like for this game. You could call it “Cookie – Milk” or “Potato – Yam” or anything else you can think of. Just make sure that the two words you select for the game name are easily discernible from one another and don’t sound too similar.

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