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Every youth leader needs to have this game in their toolbox! Super simple to teach, infinite possibilities of play, and always sure to invoke laughter, Two Truths And A Lie is a game you’ll play over and over with your youth group.

In each round of this game, participants will share two things about themselves that are true, as well as one thing that is not true. The job of the other participants is to try to guess which item is the untruth.

Of course, we never want to encourage lying – but this game is a great way to demonstrate lessons on honesty, being ourselves, and identity. It’s a great lead in to discussions and sermons on these topics. Also, it’s a fun way for your group to learn more about one another through the truths shared!

And the best part of Two Truth And A Lie is that it requires absolutely no preparation or equipment, and can be played anytime and anywhere.

In addition to being the main game for youth group, this is also a game that you can play during all of those “in-between” moments of youth group, like waiting for pick up or dinner to be served. Having a few games like this in your repertoire can help you keep youth on track and focused, instead of descending into unstructured chaos!

Number Of Participants – 3 Minimum – No Maximum
Equipment Needed – None
Can Be Modified For Social Distancing

Detailed Instructions

  1. Gather everyone in a circle, or have the students sit in rows all facing the same direction.
  2. Invite the first participant, the “Sharer” (chosen however you like) is invited to step forward in the circle or come to the front of the group.
  3. The “Sharer” will then share two facts about themselves to the group that are true and one false fact.
  4. “Sharers” should be encouraged to think about the order of their truths and falsehood, so as to not make it too obvious which is true and which is not.
  5. “Sharers” should also try to make their truths and false fact seem proportionate to one another, so as the false fact isn’t glaringly obvious.
  6. After sharing the three “facts,” the rest of the group is then invited to discuss the truthfulness of each fact.
  7. The group can then either vote on which is the false fact or everyone can individually state which they believe to be false.
  8. After decisions are made, the “Sharer” then reveals the truth to the group.
  9. The game continues until everyone has had a turn to be “Sharer” or as time permits.

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