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So sorry “The Reckless Love Of God” Challenge has ended. We are a “live ministry” website, and our Challenges are created for our community to experience together in real-time.

However, we’d love to have you join our current Challenge!

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One of the most popular Christian worship songs right now is Cory Asbury’s “Reckless Love.”

The Reckless Love of God Challenge

“Reckless Love” took 2018 by storm and it will continue to be played for many days ahead. Why? Because the song is a shockingly accurate description of God’s love for us.

The Reckless Love of God Challenge

“Reckless Love” describes God in a way many Christians don’t typically speak of God. It’s passionate, it’s daring, it’s bold, it’s fierce – and that is what God’s love is.

The Reckless Love of God Challenge

God is love, the purest and most accurate form of love. Without God, love does not exist.

The Reckless Love of God Challenge
The Reckless Love of God Challenge

Since February brings with it the “love holiday”, St. Valentines Day, we thought it would be good to situate our newest Challenge around God’s never-ending, perfect love.

You’ll be challenged everyday this month to read a specific Scripture, write it out, read a short devotion on the Bible verse, and have a time of prayer.

In addition, we put together an accompanying worship song for each day that you can listen to enhance your quiet time with God.

We created this Challenge because we believe one of the biggest stumbling blocks preventing people from growing into a deeper relationship with God is understanding and accepting God’s grace-filled love.

It is our hope and prayer that this month radically transforms your understanding of just how precious God thinks of you and loves you.

We believe that understanding God’s love brings freedom and deep purpose and contentment.

So what do you have to lose? Sign up today for free and work on a deeper understanding of God’s love for you throughout February.

Below is a sample page from our challenge. Each day of the Challenge looks like a worksheet, and you are welcome to print it out or simply read along on your favorite PDF reader and record your responses however you’d like.

The Reckless Love of God Challenge

What are people saying who have taken a Challenge?

In case you’re new to Spiritually Hungry, we have thousands of people taking our Challenges each month! Here’s what some of them are saying:

“Love the Challenge! Because of my crazy busy schedule, I have trouble attending a traditional Bible study. This gives me the freedom to do it on my time with many more people.” – Lisa from Texas

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt God’s presence while doing a devotion. I’ve shed more tears feeling His presence during these short days than I have all year.” – D.K.

“I used to have the excuse I didn’t have the time but I have realized when I do this (Challenge) first the rest of my day flows so much better. And I always feel overwhelmed with where do I start – this (Challenge) takes that fear away.” – K.G.

“Sometimes ‘devotion time’ isn’t a peaceful, quiet, birds chirping, brooks bubbling, Disney Princess scene. Sometimes it’s stealing a brief moment on the floor surrounded by plastic food while a little one is distracted by stickers. I am so thankful for a God that meets me where I am, with the time I have.” – Grace from North Carolina

We hear back from so many people who share with us how our Challenges have helped them grow closer to God.

Whether you are a brand new Christian or a seasoned disciple, we’ve created our Challenges to meet you where you are.

This Challenge is written by two seminary trained and ministry professionals. Our aim is to help grow and intensify your relationship with God.

We hope you sign up and join the tens of thousands of others who have already taken our Challenges.

The Reckless Love of God Challenge

The Reckless Love Of God Challenge starts on February 1st, 2019. We will send out the Challenge to all who preregister on the 31st of January.

When you sign up for the Reckless Love Of God Challenge you will get all of this for free:

Daily Scripture

A Daily Devotion

An Accompanying Worship Song

Reflection Questions

Daily Prayer Prompts

And every Friday, we send you a freebie that corresponds with the Challenge! Freebies range from adult coloring sheets, to e-books, to worksheets, and more.

And if you want to go even deeper you should check out our women’s soul care + discipleship program.

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The Reckless Love of God Challenge
The Reckless Love of God Challenge

Forevergreen Women's Bible Study | Discipleship Program | Women's Ministry | Women's Bible Studies