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Does The Following Sound Like You?

“I barely have time to read emails at work, much less the Bible.”

“I’d love to be part of a group at my church, but it’s at the same time as the kids’ karate class.”

“I usually forget to pray until bedtime, and then I just fall asleep!”

“I don’t know if I’ve ever just sat down and spent some time solely reflecting on God.”

Hey, we know you’re crazy busy – but you also know that being connected to God is what your life really needs.

In the back of your mind, you can imagine the peace of a deeper relationship with Jesus, the confidence to follow the directions God calls you, and the love of really knowing God is there, through the good and bad.

Stress Relief | Time Management | Ministry Ideas

You can imagine a different sort of life, but the problem for you is — when exactly are you going to find the time to devote to growing in your faith?

That’s why we put together this workshop – to help you begin making the first steps toward creating space in your life for spiritual growth and practice! This workshop will help you examine your present spiritual life with God, your usage of time, and help you discern how to start cultivating new habits of in your life that will create time and space for God.

This workbook is designed to be flowing and intuitive. We’ll walk you through initial thoughts about the issue at hand, and help you progress to a place of reflection and determining real, next steps in your life.

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Stress Relief | Time Management | Ministry Ideas

Stress Relief | Time Management | Ministry Ideas
Stress Relief | Time Management | Ministry Ideas