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Alexis Waid

Alexis has a Master's degree from Denver Seminary and a Bachelor's degree from Colorado Christian University. She has been in professional ministry for over 15 years. She has served in ministry positions such as co-pastor, youth minister, and spiritual director.
She is a mom, wife, and passionate believer that Jesus changes everything.
Alexis Waid
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Imagine this scenario:

It’s Thanksgiving Day and you’re wishing you had something to help you and your loved ones think and speak about what they are thankful for.

Maybe you initiate the conversation as everyone is sitting at the dinner table, waiting to sink their teeth on the feast they have been waiting all day year for. Bravely, you ask,“What is everyone thankful for this year?” The rambunctious conversation immediately mutes. In the distance, a pin drops. Everyone lowers their eyes so they don’t have to make contact and they hope the discussion will be over very shortly.

And your heart sinks.

You really wanted the day to actually reflect thankfulness, but your family and loved ones just aren’t interested in sharing.

Well, you are not alone. Tons of people have the same hope that their Thanksgiving will be more reflective and centered around the Godly attribute of gratitude.

In fact, maybe your family has no problem sharing their feelings, and you’re just looking for a new way to harness their thoughts. That’s great too!

Well, if you aren’t aware, we at Spiritually Hungry have been doing a 30 Day Thanks Challenge all month long. Maybe you are following along, or maybe not, no big deal! But regardless, we wanted to give you the opportunity to have one of the main resources for the challenge.

Click the link at the bottom of this post to download a PDF of the “Thanksgiving Family and Loved Ones Activity!”What’s great about this activity is that it is totally anonymous and simple.


  1. Print out the sheet, which features 8 cards to put at your dinner table.
  2. Cut out the cards, making one card for each guest.
  3. Place the cards, along with a pen, at each place setting on Thanksgiving.
  4. Sometime before dinner, have each guest fill out the card, indicating what they are thankful for.
  5. Collect the cards, randomly shuffle them, and redistribute them to all the tables.
  6. At your point of choosing during Thanksgiving dinner, have each guest read the card at their place setting.

We hope this brings a thankful atmosphere to your holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish you a day filled with gratitude.

And most importantly, the realization God is with you and loves you just as you are!

To get your copy of the guide, click here!

Thanksgiving Dinner Activity

Thanksgiving Dinner Activity

















Looking for a way to get your Thanksgiving guests to share what they're thankful for this year? Get help with our FREE printable designed to help your guests share comfortably.