30 Prayers For Your Marriage To Say Right Now

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Marriage is both incredibly important and incredibly hard.

No matter the circumstances, marriage takes a lot of work. Luckily we are not left to our own devices – we have a God who is deeply invested in us and our marriages.

This list was created by us, Alexis and Aaron, a married couple of 8+ years who have been best friends for over 16+ years. We know the challenges and joys marriage brings, and we wanted to help equip you with some prayers to help you aid your marriage!

1. God, thank you so much for this union. We are lucky to have each other. God, may you bless our marriage and bring it closer to You. Amen.
2. God, my spouse is amazing. I can’t believe I get to share my life with them. When I first fell in love with my spouse it was an amazing experience. Help me to live in this lens always. Amen.
3. Lord, take our marriage to new heights. Extend our love for each other. Help us to have you always guiding us. Amen.
4. Lord, thank you for my spouse. Thank you for the way you created them. They are so unique and a beautiful creation. I am blessed by who they are. Help me to always recognize this about my spouse. Amen.
5. God, help me to see You in the face of my spouse. Amen.
6. God, things haven’t always been the smoothest in our marriage. The road has been rocky at points, but I thank you that we are still together and are still trying. Lord, keep helping us grow. Amen.
7. Lord, help me to forgive my spouse. I have held onto their wrong doings for far too long. Please help me to forgive and extend true grace, your grace. Amen.
8. God, I boldly pray that You grow us closer to each other and closer to you. Amen.
9. God, my life has been drastically changed by my spouse. Help me to always see the good my spouse has brought to my life. Amen.
10. Lord, help me to see my spouse the way You see them. Amen.
11. Lord, reignite the love in our marriage. Set our love on fire. Let our love be a testimony of Your love to this world. Amen.
12. God, on tough days when we don’t get along too well, help us to stop and remember how much we love each other. It’s tough in the moment to stop and submit to love. Lord, teach us to submit to love, as it will only grow us closer to You and each other. Amen.
13. God, help me to become my spouse’s biggest fan! Amen.
14. Lord, I ask you to grow our marriage. Make it more holy and reminiscent of your goodness, joy and love. We want to be more like You, and we want our marriage to go deeper. Help us in this venture. Amen.
15. God, the duties of the days can take a toll on us. We can forget how special each other are as we are trying to accomplish tasks. Help us to stop and have a moment of laughter and love when life gets drab. Help us to always have fun together, no matter what we face. Amen.
16. God, I pray that our marriage becomes the most important thing in each others life, next to you. Amen.
17. Lord, thank you for the troubles we face in our marriage. Because it gives us the change to rely heavily on your guidance and strength. It’s an opportunity to grow closer to each other and to You. May we always fix our eyes on You. Amen.
18. God, life without my spouse would be unthinkable. Help us to always cherish each other and fully live each day together. Let us live in the moment and not in the past or in the future, because it is in the moment You walk with us. Amen.
19. God, marriage is not an industry that’s treated with much respect or reverence in today’s culture. Covenants do not mean much to society. However, we know that covenants are what You are all about. Our marriage is a covenant to each other through your love and grace. Thank you for bonds and for perseverance. May we always continue to grow stronger in our covenant. Amen.
20. Lord, it’s not always easy being married. Sometimes it feels like I’m saying no to myself more than I am receiving. Help me to see how much there is to be thankful for. Help me be more humble and also to speak up when I need to be tended to. Amen.
21. God, there is much to learn from the way You function and interact as the Trinity. You are in perfect union with each other. The three of You each have different functions, but make up one God. Help us to see our marriage through the example of You as the Trinity. Help us to see we are both unique and have different functions. As one, a married couple, we come together as something beautiful and profound. While it is hard to wrap our minds around the Trinity, may we glean some deeper understanding of You in our marriage. Amen.
22. God, I love my spouse. Amen.
23. Lord, may I always remember how much of a gift my spouse is to me. May I cherish them more. Love them more. Respect them more. Become selfless more. Lord, help me to become more like You to my spouse. Amen.
24. God, may our marriage be filled with your love and presence always. Amen.
25. God, grow us with your infinite and unconditional love. Help us to seek your love in all that we do. Help us to treat each other the way you treat us with love and grace. Amen.
26. Lord, tough times never mean the end. You hold the power to change anything. Your power is unbelievable and unstoppable. Help us both to turn to You in turbulent times and seek your wisdom, guidance and love. Amen.
27. God, help me to always cherish how special my spouse is and to treat them with kindness and goodness. Amen.
28. God, I’m sorry for taking my spouse for granted. I ask too much of them. I expect too much from them. Lord, sometimes I expect them to be like You, the source of my healing, strength and love. While my spouse does provide me love and support, they can never be You. It’s not fair for me to expect them to be so and I’m sorry for the toughness I have shown them. Help me to see clearly and to give my problems to You for the true source of healing and hope. Amen.
29. Lord, I know I don’t do everything right. I don’t always love the way that I should, please help me to grow in your love so that I can pour it out on my spouse. Amen.
30. God, I don’t know if I really live as though my marriage is the most important relationship I have with another person. I want to place my spouse above all others including the kids, friends, and work – but it’s really hard to do that when there are demands from so many places. Help me to trust that there is true reward and fruit in placing my holy marriage above all else. Amen.

We hope that this brings some truth, life and love to your marriage. May God’s overwhelming love and presence bring your marriage to new heights!

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Prayer For Marriage | Prayer For Husband | Prayers For My Husband

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A great tool for any marriage is prayer. We all need Jesus and so do our marriages. Here's 30 prayers, right in the post, to help you with your marriage.

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