The Married Couple’s Retreat

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Here’s a quick look at the “Married Couple’s Retreat Guidebook” to give you an idea of what it really looks like.

The Retreat Guidebook will provide you with:

Worksheets – To help you think through the necessary steps for reflecting on where your marriage has been and where it’s going.

Activities – You and your spouse will incorporate your favorite activities throughout this retreat.

Schedule – We have a schedule to keep you on track, without wearing you out.

We personally designed this guidebook with these features to help you center your mind, heart, and actions on improving your marriage and embracing the Lord in new ways!

Married Life | Christian Marriage | Relationship Goals

Marriage is an especially important topic for us, because Spiritually Hungry is a marriage – literally!

Our names are Alexis and Aaron Waid, and we have been married for 9 years. Prior to marriage, we were best friends for 7 years, before ever dating. We have been in each other’s lives for 17 years and we approach life as a team.

We are both graduates of Denver Seminary, and each hold master’s degrees from our wonderful alma mater. In addition, we both have served in various professional ministry positions.

Marriage is a beautiful union – a tough and challenging one – but a rewarding and unbelievable experience. We want this retreat to help you, just a little bit, in moving your relationship a step forward in God’s direction – because we ALL need that, no matter how great our marriages are.

This retreat is all about where God is leading the two of you. This isn’t necessarily about jumping from one place to another, but rather a gentle nod in the direction God wants you to go. Think about it from moving from A to B not moving from A to Z.

So no matter where you are at on the marriage road right now, there’s always room for God’s growth in it.

So what’s this retreat about?

The primary focus for this retreat is: Where Is God Calling Your Marriage?

As we’re writing this, we of course have no idea where your marriage is at presently. Regardless, we know that everyone needs to be reminded of the true source of their marriage – and that’s God.

Perhaps you feel like everything is going well right now, or maybe you’re in a rougher spot in your marriage than you would like. Maybe things are “just ok,” or maybe it’s been a long time since you’ve really thought about how your marriage is doing. All of these positions, and the many in-between, all need the same thing, and that is God’s love, power and direction.

Everyone’s marriage needs work. You know how I know this? Simple – it’s because we are all capable of sin. We hurt people; not because we want to, but because we live in a broken world, and this world affects us. This world poisons us, and the only thing that can cleanse us is God. And we need cleansing a lot! We often lose our way, and forget what we learned and let our emotions get the best of us. We ALL do this from time to time.

We hope you find renewal, rest, and lots of fun taking this retreat with your husband or wife.

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Christian Marriage | Relationship Goals | Married Life

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This free take home retreat was designed for busy couples in mind. Do your favorite activities while growing closer to each other and God.