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Prayer For Guidance



Prayer For Guidance

Lord, I long for simpler periods in my life. I miss simply being able to enjoy a routine, and not have to think so hard about everything. Can you help me to institute simplicity in my life again, even as I face profound decisions about the future? Amen.



Prayer For Guidance

God, I’m just overwhelmed with worry. My mind races constantly as I think about all that needs to be accomplished and all the possible paths ahead of me. I feel that this anxiety is holding me back from making the right decisions. Help me to find peace, even during all this uncertainty, and allow your peace to direct me. Amen.



Prayer For Guidance

Lord, You know best. You know what’s right and You know my past. God, You know the future and You know what is in store for me. You know me. Help me to trust your guidance. Amen.



Prayer For Guidance

God, I’m not sure that I’ve really been listening for your direction. I have imposed my own thoughts and desires over and over, and never truly consulted you. Lord, allow me to understand and interpret your guidance in a way I’ve never experienced before. Amen.



Prayer For Guidance

Lord, I’m just so tired of thinking about the choices that need to be made in my life. My mind races, and it’s exhausting to constantly have the decisions at hand weighing on me. Please help me to have peace today, and understand that I can’t make the future happen any quicker by obsessing about it. Amen.


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Prayer For Guidance