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Poop Deck is an awesome game to get your group moving, burning some energy, and laughing their heads off as they try to navigate directions as a team. Poop Deck is fast-paced and requires everyone to pay attention and run as fast as they can to the different parts of the “Ship” in order to not be eliminated as the last one to make it to safety.

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Number of Participants – 5 +

Equipment Needed – Boundary Markers (such as cones)

Location – Outdoors, gym, or a large room where you can run

Setting Up The Playing Area For Poop Deck

Poop Deck Game Instructions | Youth Group Games | Games For Youth | No Prep Games

Poop Deck can be played indoors or outdoors, provided that you have a large enough space to accommodate your group. The playing field should be a large rectangle, which is “The Ship,” that is then divided into equal thirds using your boundary markers. Once divided, the three areas are then assigned the names “Quarter Deck,” “Main Deck,” or “Poop Deck.” It doesn’t matter which areas are assigned these names, so long as the names of each area are clearly communicated.

Poop Deck Group Game Instructions (Read Aloud)

“We’re going to play a game called Poop Deck! In this game, our playing field is a “Ship” that’s divided into three areas, the “Quarter Deck,” the “Main Deck,” and the “Poop Deck.” (Be sure to point out clearly each area). To start the game, everyone will line up on the sidelines and I will call out one of the three areas. As soon as I call out the name, everyone must run as quickly as possible to the named area. The last person to reach the called area is “out” and has to come to the sidelines. I will be the judge of who is out. The game continues until the last player is eliminated.

Poop Deck Game Modifications

Triangular Ship. Rather than a rectangle divided into threes, you can make the “Ship” into a triangle shape with the three decks representing only a portion of the corners large enough for everyone to stand in.

Four Corners. In a rectangular area, you can add a fourth deck named “Starboard Deck” and make the decks boxes in the corner of the playing area.

Add Actions. You can increase the complexity of the game by instructing the group to jump, skip, hop, crawl, crabwalk, or move in other unique ways across the Ship. These modifications can level the playing field between age groups and players. Under these rules, players that fail to follow the rules are out.

Speed Up Calls. To add difficulty and excitement, call out the deck names faster.

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Poop Deck Game Instructions | Youth Group Games | Games For Youth | No Prep Games