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So sorry this Challenge has ended. We are a “live ministry” website, and our Challenges are created for our community to experience together in real-time.

However, we’d love to have you join our current Challenge!

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We put together a new Scripture reading and writing challenge for the month of November! And the theme for this November is “Thankful Heart.”

Gratitude is everything. It flips the script from focusing on the things that consume our desire to instead focusing on how good God is and what we actually do have.

Living in the stance of gratitude is a lifestyle choice. It’s not a gift that is bestowed upon people, such as natural athleticism or quick wit. Living in the lens of gratitude is available to anyone and everyone because it is a choice to be thankful.

No matter what we face in life, the hills, the valleys and the in-between, we can choose to be thankful.

Our way of thinking – and how we view the world- directly impacts our relationship with Jesus. Thankfulness for who God is and what God is doing is a life-changing step.

Whether you are going through a valley today, or you’re on the mountain top, or somewhere in between, deciding to be thankful is always a good choice. 

Thankfulness cultivates space for God to move more predominantly in your life. You become more receptive to the Spirit when you choose to live a life of gratitude.

And there are so many places in the Bible that point to being thankful instead of focusing on your desires, wants and needs. 

When we choose to look at all that we have instead of all that we don’t, well…life dramatically changes. 

I know this from personal experience. Our thankfulness and stance of gratitude when our baby Lucy was in the hospital became our testimony and a beacon of God’s light, because we didn’t focus on how sick she was, but how much we had. But we had to choose a stance of thankfulness, and that carried us through some very dark times.

No matter what we face, good or bad, gratitude can always be found. And for our good, we should seek it out because choosing to live a life of thankfulness really does bring peace and joy. 

So join me in cultivating a more thankful heart today!

In this challenge, you will receive a Scripture reading plan for the month, some reflection questions and prayer prompts.

If you are looking for more to chew on, we also have a daily Christian planner as part of our Forevergreen plan that consists of a daily devotion based on the Scripture for the day, daily reflection question, daily prayer prompt, and daily truth to help you live out your quiet time. This planner is an absolutely outstanding way to plan your day with God and be spiritually fed and equipped for the day.

And in addition to the Gratitude planner, we also include daily emails with Forevergreen to help you stay on track and a monthly Bible study that dives deep into what the bible has to say about gratitude-primarily what Jesus shows us about thankfulness.

Whether you join our Forevergreen membership or pick up the free challenge, we hope that the Lord does mighty things through your time intentionally seeking Him to help you cultivate a more thankful heart.

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