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“Everyone better pay attention, because you’re going to have to build the same model in 30 seconds!” Lego Flash Puzzles is a simple game that your youth are going to love while providing opportunities for team building and working together. In this game, teams will work together to build a simple Lego object or structure from memory, after only 30 seconds to examine the original. Although you’ll need some Lego bricks to play, this game is quick to set up and can be played as a short ice breaker or as a full-featured game for youth group.

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Number of Participants – 3 minimum, no maximum.

Equipment Needed – Lego bricks, each group will need 5-10 identical bricks. Other building block toys work just as well.

Can Be Modified For Social Distancing

Setting Up The Game

The goal of this game is for teams to attempt to create a Lego build that exactly matches a pre-made model that is either presented in person or shown as a picture (either printed or on a screen). You will need to assemble your models ahead of time and either photograph them or have enough Lego bricks so as to have the models present for the youth to examine.

Each participant or group needs to have identical Lego bricks of the same shape and color. For example, each participant or team might get one blue 2×2 brick, two yellow 4×2 bricks, two purple 3×2 bricks, two green 8×2 bricks. Each team will keep the same bricks throughout the game and reuse them for each round.

You can build anything you like for the models, from simple walls to cubes, to laying out the bricks in a pattern on a baseplate (if you have one).

If you don’t have quick access to Lego bricks of the same size, you can also purchase small sets of toy bricks from stores like Dollar Tree that will assure everyone gets the same set of bricks.

Game Instructions (Read Aloud To Group)

We’re going to play a game called Lego Flash Puzzles! In this game, you’ll be shown a simple Lego build each round that you’ll have to replicate with your own set of bricks. However, you’ll only have thirty seconds to study the model before building, so you’ll need to pay close attention. To begin, we’re going to divide into equal groups. Each group will have the same set of Lego bricks, and you’ll have all the materials needed to replicate the models. You’ll use the same bricks for each round and do not need any additional bricks. For each round, you’ll get to see the build model and have 30 seconds to memorize the shape and color arrangement.

After each round, the model will be shown again and teams that build the model exactly will get one point. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins!

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