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“Kick The Can” sounds like the most boring game possible…right? Not this version! Your teens will love playing this fast-paced, energetic game while burning lots of energy in the process. Kick The Can Escape is a simple to learn game that only requires a single item, a can (of some sort), to play. This game is so easy to set up that you can easily add it into any youth group night, either as a primary game, or a quick game to play during transitions in the event. So whatever your needs, keep reading and check out the game instructions for “Kick The Can Escape” and add it to your youth group itinerary tonight!

Number of Players – 5 Minimum, No Maximum

Materials Needed – A can, bucket, or any noisy object that is safe to kick. Sturdy cans are better! Optional: Hula Hoops, tape for marking the floor.

Can Be Modified For Social Distancing

Preparing The Playing Area

This game can be played in virtually any area that is large enough to hold your group. You can use hula hoops to designate the holding area for the can, as well as use three hula hoops to create the “Jail”, with a player standing in each individual hoop.

Game Instructions (Read Aloud)

We’re going to play a game called “Kick The Can Escape”! The goal of this game is for everyone to work together to free a prisoner by kicking a can guarded by a player called “The Guard”. However, “The Guard” can take more prisoners, until they fill up their “Jail” and win the round. In this game, we begin by picking one player to be “The Guard” and another player to be “The First Prisoner.” Next, we will all gather in a large circle, with “The Guard” in the middle. A can is placed in the middle of the circle, which “It” will guard. The “First Prisoner” will go to the “Jail”, which is located to the side of the circle.

The “First Prisoner” can be released from “Jail” if someone is able to run into the circle and kick the can before “The Guard” tags them. If a player kicks the can before the “Guard” tags them, the “First Prisoner” is released and joins the circle, the “Guard” goes to jail, and the person who kicked the can becomes the new “Guard”. “The Jail” can hold 4 “prisoners.” The “Guard’s” job is to try to capture more prisoners by tagging people who run into the circle. If the “Guard” fills up the jail with 4 prisoners, they win the round and a new “Guard” and “First Prisoner” are selected to begin the game again. Game play continues until each person has had a chance to be the “Guard”.


You can use hula hoops or tape on the ground to create designated zones for the can and jail, which will add more structure to the game.

For larger groups, you can increase the size of the Jail to more players, add multiple guards and cans. This will make for a more chaotic game, but will fit the needs of a larger group better.

Kick The Can Escape Game Instructions | No Prep Youth Group Games | Youth Ministry