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This classic improvisation game is perfect for any youth group gathering, either as an ice breaker or the main event game! Even if you aren’t planning on playing this game soon, be sure to read this post and store this game in the back of your mind, because you will find a good time to use it before long. I Was Walking Down The Street… is also a good game to play with a small group of teens, making it perfect for meetings when you don’t have big numbers. Best of all, this game requires absolutely no preparation or materials and it’s always a hilarious blast for teens to play!

Number of Players – 3 Minimum, No Maximum

Materials Needed – None

Can Be Modified For Social Distancing

Game Instructions (Read Aloud To Group)

We’re going to play a game called “I Was Walking Down The Street…!” This is a game of fast wit, creativity, and storytelling. We’ll begin by having everyone gather in a circle. The game begins with one player, who says, “I was walking down the street…” and then finishes the sentence with something creative or outrageous to begin crafting an imaginative story of their walk down the street and what they saw or experienced. When the first player has completed a couple of sentences and has the story going, the leader will say “freeze” and point to another student to pick up the story right where the previous person left off. We will continue changing players, each picking up the story where it left off until everyone has had a turn…or the story completely unravels.


You can modify this game to fit different situations or lessons by changing the first sentence of the game. For example, you could have the first student begin by saying, “I showed up for church this morning, and the pastor said…” or “I showed up for youth group tonight, and I couldn’t believe we were…”

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